As I've been surfing through SL blogs, I came across an article by Myg, asking SL residents for the stories behind their names. This sounds like a fun topic, so here's my story.

I chose Ayumi as my first name, cause I think it's cute :) I'm interested in Japanese culture, so choosing a Japanese name came quite natural.

Here's how it's pronounced:
Ah-you-me (listen on Kanji Dictionary)

Ayumi literally means "to walk" but for names it's interpreted as "walk your own way, independent". The ending "-mi" is common for Japanese female names and means "beauty". Friends usually call me Ayu or Yumi. Or Yummy :P

As for the last name, I wanted something that goes well with Ayumi, and Cassini was the best option. I like the Italian sound to it. Italians are passionate about everything in their life, they like to celebrate together and they smile a lot. Sounds like me :)

So, after months of playing, I still totally like my name. And I hope you do too!

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