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Fashion: Corsico white

I miss being fashion editor at SL'ang Life, so I decided to post a little fashion entry every once in a while. These won't be as extensive as I did in the magazine, but I will show you my favourite outfits from time to time. Also, don't worry, this blog won't turn into a fashion blog - there are too many things I want to write about.

So here's my first fashion entry in here:

Fashion: Corsico white

Outfit details:
  • Shirt: Fashion Forward (from Spring Fling outfit / with self created underpants tinted: R: 230, G: 230, B: 230)
  • Pants: Elephant Outfitters (Gaucho Pants / in White)
  • Belt: Gentil (Hoop Belt / in Gold)
  • Earrings: Yummy (Gypsy Hoops)
  • Necklace: Muse (Gold and Freshwater Pearl Necklace / asymmetrical)
  • Bracelet: Armidi Gisaci (Metallic Tres Bangles)
  • Glasses: FD (Ultimate Bugeye Glasses / light frames)
  • Bag: Armidi Gisaci (Porta Corsico Bag / in Creme & Blue)
  • Shoes: Shiny Things (Spring Stilettos / in White)

Moving on

Slang Life Island 01

Slang Life Island 02

Slang Life Island 03

I get nostalgic easily these days.

SL'ang Life bye-bye event and the after party

So yesterday we said goodbye to SL'ang Life and to our readers. A big and warm thank you to those of you who came for all your kind words and the support you gave us.

SL'ang Life bye-bye party

SL'ang Life Team

The bears we are holding are SL'ang collector bears. We gave them to people at the concert as a thank you gift. If you want to have them, they are still waiting at SL'ang Life Plaza (near the stage).

When the event was over, we felt a little down. So together with people who stayed longer we started fooling around. That included flying all over the island, playing African drums and using various gestures to the extreme. A typical night on our island ;)

Playing African drums

But most of all, it included this:

Oh joy, it was like in those movies where everyone knows the steps :) Yes, that cheered me up :)

Bonfire night

Yesterday Morri invited me over to her new place - a wonderful Mexican themed property. I'm not sure what I like more - the beautifully decorated house or the lazy and laid-back atmosphere of the backyard.

Hammocks at Morri's place

We've been chatting on the hammocks, catching up with news, sharing recent stories and planning a party, when Morri's friend, Amon, TPed over. Before we realised, we had a completely spontaneous bonfire get tegether, and soon we were joined by Daniell, another Morri's friend.

Morri quickly prepared some sausages to roast, but we had to put them on a stick ourselves. No, really :)

Bonfire at Morri's place

Later Amon had to go, but Morri invited Zik, and we continued the party late into the night. Morri played her guitar and sang for us (on voice), and I can't possibly explain how nice it was, so instead, just watch this short movie (she's singing in Polish). I'm sorry for the sound quality but my Internet connection was a bit unstable for some reason. And so was my camera :)

I had a wonderful time - I even managed to stop thinking about Slang for a while. So, yup, when it's party at Morri's, count me in :)

SL'ang Life no more [UPDATE]

[UPDATE: March 29, 2010] I removed all SL'ang Life links - they don't lead to SL'ang Life website anymore (since it doesn't exist), but to one you wouldn't want to go to ;)

I can't believe I'm writing this, yet it did happen: our beloved magazine is closed now. We've been struggling to save it for the last few weeks, but there's no way to keep it operating unless we find a new investor.

Working at SL'ang Life was an amazing experience. I love all the people I met and worked with, and I have some great memories to treasure. I was very proud each time I said I worked for SL'ang Life magazine - was it RL or SL. And I did shed a tear (not only one tear, actually) when I realised we have to put the project on hold.


Now I feel as if someone has taken away a part of my identity - I'm no longer SL'ang Life journalist. I need to find a new way in my life which I'm sure will be great, but I'm sad for the things I need to leave behind. The most scary thing of all is the possibility of splitting with SL'ang Life team - we come from different cities and some of these people have never been in Second Life - but I do hope we will manage to keep in touch. I really got to like them a lot.

We did a lot of fun stuff together. I'm going to miss those crazy nights at our island - fooling around, laughing and chatting on voice with our readers. I'm going to miss even more the meetings in RL, which were full of laughter as well (and silly silly activities at the hotel). I feel connected to these people and I want to keep that connection. If you guys are reading this, I love ya.

If you love SL'ang Life as much as I do, come to SL'ang Life island on 10 July 2008 at 10 AM (SLT) - we're planning a little goodbye party for our readers. I hope to see you there. Let's have fun and remember SL'ang Life the happy way.