Archive: October 2008

Tiny Nation

They're cute. They're small. They're trying to take over the world.

Amazing machinima by Ill Clan, shot in Second Life. You should go watch the movie on their website since it's bigger there. I had to scale it down so that it fits my blog size. But in case you're too lazy:

I'm impressed.

New release: Halloween Party Hat at Magic Nook

Since Halloween is coming, today I released Halloween Party Hat. It's funny yet fashionable sculpted witch hat with pumpking poofer.

Magic Nook - Halloween Party Hat

I gave the hat as a gift for my update group (not available for redelivery), so maybe it will tempt you to join (terminal available here) for future gifts ^^. In the meanwhile, you may buy the hat in-world, through Xstreet SL and through OnRez.

Have fun at your Halloween party and don't forget to eat some pumpkin pie :)