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Fashion: Something warm

Another fashion post, yay, cause I received a lot of awesome gifts and I wanted to share the look!

Fashion: Something warm

Outfit details:
  • Sweater dress: Fishy Strawberry (Cuddle Maxipull / in Beige)
  • Tights: Reale (Lace Tights / in White / FREE at the shop)
  • Belt: (Wide Waist Belt / in Tan (part of Browns pack) / tinted: R: 233, G: 189, B: 189)
  • Necklace and earrings: Mandala (Pearl Rain Jewelry Set / in Rose pink)
  • Hair accessory: Fuel (Flowery peacock / heavily edited by me / old freebie, not available anymore)
  • Bag: Creamshop (Madrid - leather weave bag / in Champan)
  • Shoes: KAO (Suede Fringe Boots / in Pink)
  • Lashes: [glow] Studio (Flutter lashes / Feather godess)
  • Hair: 3636 (Anna / in Brown / tinted R: 211, G: 206, B: 206)
  • First pose: [glow] Studio (I'm a Fashion Victim Set 1 / Im working so hard)
  • Second pose: [glow] Studio (Deep Breath Set / The Truth)

Happy third rezday to me!

Wow, three years in SL and I'm still enjoying it :) I was wondering how to celebrate my rezday this year and finally decided to take the Poppins Challenge. It's a little SL tradition to jump on your rezday from the sky, naked, with an umbrella, as a symbol of 'jumping into the unknown world of Second Life'. I decided to jump in Murray region - it's the sim I rezzed in after Orientation Island and it was my home location for a long time. There's no welcome area there anymore, but it's still a place close to my avatar's pixel heart :) I covered myself in flowers (since it's PG area) and jumped!

Rez Day Poppins Challenge 1

Rez Day Poppins Challenge 2

Rez Day Poppins Challenge 3

Rez Day Poppins Challenge 4

Rez Day Poppins Challenge 5

It was kinda refreshing :)