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The SL House & Garden Group Annual Awards 2010/2011 nominations for [MAGIC NOOK]!

I'm very proud to say [MAGIC NOOK] has been nominated for The SL House & Garden Group Annual Awards 2010/2011 in two categories: Best Freebie/Gift of 2010 and Your Favorite Shop To Visit (best decorated) Of 2010.

The SL House & Garden Group Annual Awards 2010/2011 nominations for [MAGIC NOOK]!

It's truly magic to see my store among so many fantastic nominees. Thank you!

If you'd like to vote for [MAGIC NOOK] to win in the two categories, you can cast your vote here:

A huge thanks to those of you who already voted for the nominations and to those who will be voting for [MAGIC NOOK] in the online survey. Every vote means a lot to me!

The winners will be announced on December 5th. May the best designers win!

Avatars in browsers

I'm a curious avatar. However, when I heard of SL Web Viewer, my first thought was 'what for?'. But after actually trying it, I see some possible uses.

Getting to try SL in a browser wasn't as easy as it seems. When I read the beta is open, I went to and meh - I wasn't qualified to test it.

Luckily, I am also a very persistent avatar :) I managed to access the web viewer with a little javascript code I found on New World Notes:
javascript:window.popup_shown=false;$('#guide .failure').hide();showSuccessPopup();
(thank you, SignpostMarv Martin!)

SL Web Viewer 1

SL Web Viewer 2

SL Web Viewer 3

It works fast. Really fast. I'm impressed with Gaikai technology. Everything rez in time, the teleports are working properly, you can chat with other avatars - just as if you were logged in a regular viewer. It does have some limitations though: you don't have your inventory, your look is limited to pre-defined avatars, you can only teleport to locations from 'Destination Guide' and your name is simply Guest.

SL Web Viewer 4

SL Web Viewer 5
SL Web Viewer 6

SL Web Viewer 7

The controls and options you have are limited - generally, the web viewer can be used to explore and chat only. But, the overall experience is fun and you have to keep in mind this is only a beta, so things might change in future. If Linden Lab will continue to pursue the idea, that is. It's interesting though: imagine embedding a location from SL on your website, so that visitors can log in to your events, meet with SL residents at your venue, and maybe register for regular Second Life if they like the experience, since SL sends a 'There's more to explore!' e-mail after each use of SL Web Viewer.

SL Web Viewer 8

SL Web Viewer 9

I'm certainly hoping to hear more on the topic of web based SL in future.

New release: Afternoon Sweater

I made tons of warm and comfy sweaters, just in time for chilly weather and breezy afternoons! They will make you chic on every occassion, whether it's a cup of coffee with your friends or a fun shopping spree!

[MAGIC NOOK] Afternoon Sweater

[MAGIC NOOK] Afternoon Sweater Outfits

Come to [MAGIC NOOK] for your autumn shopping needs!

Taxi to [MAGIC NOOK] Main Store

New release: Hypnotize jewellery

I made a new jewellery set available in silver and gold! Hypnotize set is made of eye-catching spirals and consists of earrings and necklace.

[MAGIC NOOK] Hypnotize Set (Silver)

[MAGIC NOOK] Hypnotize Set (Gold)

Since it's time for a new collection at The Dressing Room you can get the silver version of the new jewellery there for 50L$ only, for next two weeks, yay! :)

Taxi to The Dressing Room

Taxi to [MAGIC NOOK] main store

The Seasons Hunt has started!

It's here! ^^ The Seasons Hunt has started! There are amazing stores participating in this hunt so if you're looking for something fun to do, definitely give it a try! :)

Seasons Hunt Final

My gift for the hunt is Autumn Skybox.

[MAGIC NOOK] Autumn Skybox

You know that moment in autumn when it stops raining, and the window is still covered with water drops, but the sun starts shining through... You sit by the window with a cup of raspberry tea, a book and a warm blanket. This is the moment I tried to capture when making Autumn Skybox. The beautiful, golden autumn.

The skybox is hidden in an orange leaf, somewhere inside the store (you don't need to search the garden or the porch, it's definitely inside). And here's a little clue for you "Where are all the magic sweets?" :) Good luck!

The Seasons Hunt - Autumn

Yay, The Seasons Hunt is coming and [MAGIC NOOK] is participating!

The Seasons Hunt

All vendors will hide a leaf in their store. Inside of this leaf will be an item that is autumn related. Store owners will hide the items however they would like to. The stores are not linked to each other so you will simply follow the list however you would like.

For updates you can check The Seasons Hunt blog.

Be ready for hunting, starting September 25th!

New release: Shoo Be Doo jewellery

Shoo Be Doo jewellery is inspired by 50s fashion! Think of rock and roll, polka dots and lots of colours! The set is available in seven cute colours.

[MAGIC NOOK] Shoo Be Doo Jewellery

[MAGIC NOOK] Shoo Be Doo Set - Earrings (Red) Close Up

I also have a really late notice about TDR :) For one more day you can get chocolate colour of Shoo Be Doo set for 50L$ only at The Dressing Room.

[MAGIC NOOK] Shoo Be Doo Set (Chocolate)

On Friday we change collection, so get some shoobedoo cheaper while you can ;)

I know it's kind of late but I do have an excuse - a new job in RL. I don't have much time for SL now, so my notices might be late, and my releases kind of slower. But still love you all lots! ;)

[MAGIC NOOK] at Designers United 4

I am proud to announce that [MAGIC NOOK] is participating in Designers United 4 event!
Designers United is a 12 day long fashion event featuring exclusively created products from a group of talented designers, based on a theme. Each designer has created items specifically for this project, and they will only be available for sale for a limited period of time. The theme chosen is "Narcissus", and the designers have interpreted this theme to make items based on the colors, textures or feelings evoked by this flower or myth.
The event is open till September 15th, so make sure you visit before that date! All items are exclusives, which means they won't be sold once the event is finished.


Take a look at my items:

[MAGIC NOOK] Narcissus Princess

[MAGIC NOOK] Vanity Mirror

[MAGIC NOOK] Narcissus Ring (Silver) Vendor

[MAGIC NOOK] Narcissus Ring (Gold) Vendor

Click here for a direct TP to [MAGIC NOOK] items at DU4 event!

PS. I know this is a late notice but I'm in bed with cold and fever awww, and was too weak to get up and blog it earlier. On the positive note though, the lag should be smaller by now :)


In case you're not subscribed to [MAGIC NOOK] Update Group, I just wanted to let you know that for one more week you can get my Magic 8-Ball for 50L$ only at The Dressing Room!

[MAGIC NOOK] Magic 8-Ball

It's not a new release but it's really fun, and it has 8-ball chair and 8-ball huge prop with poses included.

Also, take a look at all items available in current edition of TDR (click).

Little big dream

My SL dream has just come true. The one I thought I would have to wait years to happen. It is coming true as I write this sentence. I'm talking about realtime full body motion capture in Second Life. Just think about it, oh, the new horizons! Communicating with people the natural way, actually dancing in clubs, using body movement to do basically anything in SL.

You know, I was always hoping we - the people of XXI century - would strive towards more movement in front of our computers, since they are taking a huge part in nowadays life. It really makes me happy to know about this initiative. Let me show you the movie (found via Hamlet's site):

Impressive, no? Anton Bogdanovych, your work is absolutely fantastic in so many ways! I hope this project gets more attention, and by the time the software is ready to use, there will be a few companies ready to provide cheaper equipment for consumer market / personal use. This is going to be big!

Fast, easy and fun!

Philip's relaxed speech at SLCC makes me feel much more confident about Second Life's future.

New release: Shimmy Shimmy Earrings at [MAGIC NOOK]

New earrings at the store! I'm continuing with coins motif, cause everyone seem to like it a lot! Thus, I made matching earrings for Shimmy Shimmy anklet, both in silver and gold! I'm glad you all enjoy it so much!

[MAGIC NOOK] Shimmy Shimmy Earrings (Silver)

[MAGIC NOOK] Shimmy Shimmy Earrings (Gold)

Now, for even more good news: you can get gold earrings for 50L$ only at The Dressing Room! If you prefer silver, come to the store, the regular price is not huge either, just 95L$, the usual ;)

Also, take a look at all items available in current edition of TDR (click).

New release: Summer Skybox and Dandelion, Dandelion at [MAGIC NOOK]

Please welcome a new release at the store: Summer Skybox! Pastel colours, a large window and a lot of sun - this skybox is inspired by summer!

[MAGIC NOOK] Summer Skybox

The skybox is sized about 10m x 10m x 5m and it should fit even small plots of land. It is packaged in a rezzer for easy set up. Skybox window is controlled through a scripted menu, which allows you to change inner and outer window opacity. And it's got sunlight beams too!

There is a teleport to DEMO at the store, right next to the vendor, so come and take a look!

I also released a dandelion wall decal, for just 25L$, if you're looking for one, or ever wanted to buy the one I placed at the store some time ago ;)

[MAGIC NOOK] Dandelion, Dandelion

TAXI to the shop (click)

My shabby chic apartment

I have this thing with interiors in SL, that whenever I start decorating, I end up with shabby chic style. I love it all - white wood, soft floral fabrics, vintage accessories... Plus, I adore all things country when it comes to home decor. No wonder this theme often sneaks in :)

I recently switched to a smaller and more cosy skybox, which I built myself, and which by the way I am going to release in my store very very very soon (update: it's released now!). And you can definitely notice shabby-chic-country-love influence in my decor. But I really like it - it's so mine and so comfy! In fact, I like it so much, that I'm going to submit it to 'Tiny, cozy space' contest organized by SL House & Garden Group.

Enjoy the pictures, and if you happen to like the items I used, you will find credits below.

My shabby chic apartment 01

My shabby chic apartment 02

My shabby chic apartment 03

My shabby chic apartment 04

My shabby chic apartment 05

My shabby chic apartment 06

My shabby chic apartment 07

  • Skybox: [MAGIC NOOK] Summer Skybox - coming very soon to the store! update: it's released now!

  • Door: Curio Obscura - Anywhere Door, retextured with beautiful texture from Shabby Doors set by Distressed. The door is actually a teleport to my working platform :)
  • Rug: [North West] Birds Rug - oh, I love everything Lili creates, and the rug is just fantastic
  • Shelf: Self-made
  • Clothes rack: [MAGIC NOOK] Shabby Mug Rack - hehe, I'm a fan of multi-use ;)
  • Hat: Surf Couture - Straw Cowboy Hat (old hunt gift)
  • Bag: Tres Blah - Striped Tote Bag
  • Umbrella: it's a freebie I picked up somewhere, by yaman Oh
  • Basket with slippers: **DP**yumyum Shoes - sabot/omake - old gift if I remember correctly... they always have awesome gifts!
  • White slippers: 2g - Babouche - love them, and it's a freebie!
  • Heels: Armidi Gisaci - Dalia Pumps

Bedtime area:
  • Bed: Little Boxes - Antique Bed Blondie Choco/Blue - oooh, country style here
  • Chair: CROWNLING *livingWoodChair2_White
  • Luggage: - (Avery Collection)- closed luggage-small (pnk) - not available anymore
  • Plant: -CLEMATIS- ficus umbellata
  • Picture frame: Insight designs - Vintage Skies - beautiful hunt gift!
  • Curtain: NODe+ - Curtain - I tinted it pink

Storage shelves:
  • Bookshelf: {what next} Blogger's Office Bookshelf - I removed the tint to match the rest of the furniture
  • Vase: Gumi's Flower Shop - hozuki (Chinese lantern plant) arragement A
  • Magic 8-Ball: [MAGIC NOOK] Magic 8-Ball - I made it long time ago, and it's still fun to use ^^
  • Book: Once Upon a Time - Rhyme book(wear)
  • Plant: -CLEMATIS-green pot
  • Blue baskets: (LP)- Baskets (not available anymore)
  • Wheat baskets: *Y's HOUSE* [Display] Kago01_OMAKE - freebie, cool as always
  • Bag: Tres Blah - Tote Bag - subscribo gift

Working desk:
  • Desk: {what next} Blogger's Office Desk - I removed the tint to match the rest of the furniture, and I changed the texture to one I made
  • Chair: CROWNLING *livingWoodChair2_White
  • Lights: Strawberry Lights by Sienia Trevellion, they were free at the Strawberry Festival, and I think they're not available anymore
  • Laptop: Self-made
  • Book and papers: (LP) - The Little Prince Book & Loose Papers - not available anymore
  • Box: - Gift Box (Closed) - Tan
  • Incense: *atmosphere works* incense D*-001 (BL)
  • Desk plant: Drowsy plant2 Pink
  • Sweets: Feather - CandyBowl - old but cute hunt gift
  • Paper bag: Feather - Paper bag - free at the store - you'd definitely find a similar one on my RL desk, and it would be full of yummy sweets
  • Mug: [MAGIC NOOK] Mug (Gingham Heart) - I drink tea all the time, preferably hot, even in summer... give me a gift of quality tea in RL and I'm happy :)
  • Writing book: Self-made
  • Pencil: [MAGIC NOOK] Pencil - Pink Dots, part of Study Hard! FREEBIE
  • Envelope: Picnic - envelope - sweet
  • Phone: /artilleri/ 60ies phone (5 prims) *color change* - aww, old phones were so cool
  • Big plant: :YONEYA: Strelitzia (augusta)
  • Milk can: *atmosphere works* tinplate milk bottle x tub
  • Picture frame: .vena cava. - picture frame - inside I put a picture I found on the Internet, with cute owls and text saying 'when we're not watching, owls like to juggle' ^^
  • Curtain: NODe+ - Curtain - I tinted it pink

Bathing area:
  • Divider: ~La'Licious~ Shutter Divider - Ocean
  • Skirt on clothes hanger: oyakin*longskirt*(powder)
  • Rug: [North West] Blue Rug
  • Table: WILDO - low boad 01 size&tex change
  • Basin: +mocha+ - part of Happy Bath Time [Orange] gacha item - I added water and made it pretty with Naima waterCaustics (dense small) from Las Islas
  • Bottles: +mocha+ - Bath & Bodycare [Hair Treatment] Honey - part of Happy Bath Time [Orange] gacha item
  • Cream: 101 - Famous Cream (by Pixel Price)
  • Soap: +mocha+ - Bath & Bodycare [Soap] - part of Happy Bath Time [Orange] gacha item
  • Towels: *~MMG's~* Towel#02-5texchange_1prim
  • Toilet paper: a freebie I picked up somewhere, by Brownie Honi
  • Mirror: work in progress, I'm going to release it soon at [MAGIC NOOK]

Reading corner:
  • Daybed: - (Avery Collection)- Cot (not available anymore)
  • Book: (FT) Book- Alice in Wonderland (not available anymore)
  • Picture frame: Insight designs - Vintage Skies - beautiful hunt gift!
  • Lamp: lamp.creamflower by Jordan Giant, free!
  • Plant: :YONEYA: Strelitzia (reginae var juncea)
  • Poster: Funky Punk Canvas - Flowers 0001
  • Curtain: NODe+ - Curtain - I tinted it blue/green

Relaxing area:
  • Rug: [MAGIC NOOK] White Fake Fur
  • Pouf (left): *Y's HOUSE* Pouf KP/Muji
  • Pouf (right): *Y's HOUSE* Pouf [v2010/shiro]
  • Book: *Y's HOUSE*Cafe GIFT/inemuri01_book(Rez) - old group gift - I love books, how could I resist? ;)
  • Table: MudHoney Table Winter Short
  • Pudding: Feather - Pudding_tray(S) - the best pudding in SL
  • Coca-Cola: Belle Belle - Coca-Cola Bottle Classic (old hunt gift)
  • Books: (LP)- Book Stack (not available anymore)
  • Ceiling lights: [North West] Petites Lampes (only 1L$, so worth it!)

New release: Shimmy Shimmy Anklet at [MAGIC NOOK]

Coins, coins and more coins :) Shimmy Shimmy anklet is inspired by belly dance, a very sensual, feminine and beautiful dance that I adore. The anklet is available in silver or gold, in two styles: normal and with subtle glow.

[MAGIC NOOK] Shimmy Shimmy Anklet (Silver)

[MAGIC NOOK] Shimmy Shimmy Anklet (Gold)

Please note the anklet is designed for prim feet and it might not look pretty with 'normal' avatar feet. For vendor picture I used Jolie Pied Flat Bare feet from SLink.

If you're on a tight budget you might want to know that silver anklet is cheaper at The Dressing Room for next two weeks!

Here are TAXIs for you:
And, as always, take a look at all items available in current edition of TDR (click).

New release: Sugar Rush Earrings at [MAGIC NOOK]

Retro plastic hoop earrings, available in seven sugar colours, in two styles: normal and with subtle glow (both styles included with purchase). Buy them separately or in a fatpack :)

[MAGIC NOOK] Sugar Rush Earrings

Good news: for two weeks Coral version is cheaper at The Dressing Room!

Here are TAXIs for you:
If you enjoy buying awesome stuff at low price, you might want to take a look at all items available in current edition of TDR (click).

Newbie Style Challenge

Gogo posted Newbie Style Challenge on her blog the other day. I wasn't able to blog my entry earlier because of problems with my Internet connection, and the challenge actually finished a few days ago, but I decided to give it a try anyway :) The task was to make a fashionable newbie avatar with the cost no bigger than 20L$ (see Gogo's post for full guidelines). I made a girl's look and a boy's look - my main goal was to make outfits with a sense of personality, not just random things threw in together. I am satisfied with the result and I hope you will like it too :)

Newbie Style Challenge 01

Outfit details:

Newbie Style Challenge 02

Girl - avatar cost 17L$:
  • Top: artilleri @ The Gnubie Store (Jennae dress / in Pink) / 1L$ / I turned the dress into a top by resizing the skirt and moving it upward
  • Jeans: (Low.Rise Jeans / in Midnight) / 0L$ / GSH item
  • Shoes: magi take (Leather flip flop / in Beige) / 10L$ / tinted R: 242, G: 109, B: 199
  • Necklace: chuculet (Ina pearl necklace / in Cream) / 5L$
  • Sunglasses: miw @ The Gnubie Store (Soda Painted Sunglasses / in Pink) / 1L$
  • Bag: Tres Blah (Tote Bag) / 0L$ / subscribo gift
  • Nails (with jewellery): U&R Dogs (Nail Aleko) / 0L$ / 15 minute camp
  • Skin: LeLutka (LOLA_lgt-ORTA(L Brows)hairbase) / 0L$ / Orta opening free gift
  • Hair: D!va (Haruka / in Rhodolite) / 0L$ / Group gift limited hair
  • Eyes: Umedama Holic (Tsuya Eye) / 0L$ / GSH item
  • Shape: I made one / 0L$

Newbie Style Challenge 03

Boy - avatar cost 16L$:
  • T-shirt: Arai @ Saikin (Thunder T_Red) / 0L$
  • Jeans: magi take (Skinny Jeans / in Stone) / 10L$
  • Shoes: magi take (Leather flip flop / in Green) / 0L$ / tinted R: 51, G: 51, B: 51 / there are black flip flops available for 10L$, but I wanted to stay within 20L$ challenge limit, and the green flip flops were free
  • Necklace: EarthStones (Beaded Touch Necklace / in Chrysoprase) / 0L$
  • Bracelet: Concrete Flowers (Rainbow Shagbands) / 1L$ / tinted R: 23, G: 23, B: 23
  • Sunglasses: miw @ The Gnubie Store (Soda Painted Sunglasses / in Black) / 1L$
  • Guitar: Kujisawa Guitars (Ryuu 4) / 0L$
  • Suitcases: BSN (Attache cases) / 1L$ / I coloured them a bit
  • Skin: Glamorize (Alexander Skin 07) / 2L$
  • Hair: From library (Male Rocker Hair / in Black) / 0L$ / I made a hairbase out of system hair for this style
  • Eyes: Umedama Holic (Tsuya Eye) / 0L$ / GSH item
  • Shape: Decolletage (William Shape) / 1L$ / I edited it a bit

New release: Moon River jewellery in turquoise at [MAGIC NOOK]

Yay, I made a turquoise version of Moon River jewellery set! It's now available at The Dressing Room for 50L$. After two weeks I'll move it to mainstore with regular price (195L$), so get it cheaper while it's possible :)

[MAGIC NOOK] Moon River Set (Gold/Turquoise)

Also, take a look at all items available at TDR in 7th edition (click)

And here's TAXI to The Dressing Room (click)

New release: Wild Nights Leggings at [MAGIC NOOK]

Colourful and comfy leggings for wild nights at favourite clubs, beach bonfires or summer home parties! :)

[MAGIC NOOK] Wild Nights Leggings

Each colour comes with 3 modifiable studded patterns: disco, stripes and wave.

[MAGIC NOOK] Wild Nights Leggings - Included Patterns

Since the patterns are copiable and modifiable, you can do a lot with them: resize, change textures, use glow, tint them... or even make brand new patterns! It might also be fun to attach the patterns to other items you wear, eg. bags or bandanas. The patterns are optional of course, you can wear your leggings plain :)

Come to the shop and take a look (click here for TAXI)!

PS. Yay, summer!

New release: Les Reveurs Tee (Yellow) TDR SPECIAL at [MAGIC NOOK]

I made a fresh new colour of my Les Reveurs Tee - you can now get it in sunny yellow for 50L$ ONLY at The Dressing Room!

[MAGIC NOOK] Les Reveurs Tee (Yellow) TDR SPECIAL

The yellow colour is specially made for the 5th edition of TDR and is not included in the fatpack at the store but will be sold at regular price later. So you've got two weeks to get it cheaper!

There's also lots of newness at TDR from other fantastic creators - I mean TULI Gina skin for 65L$! FAB.PONY Skylar hair in 4 colours for 70L$! GLOW STUDIO gold peacock necklace for 30L$! And soooo many more!

Look here for full collection with pictures and prices (click)

Here's TAXI for you to The Dressing Room (click)

Visit, it's worth it! Value your lindens! Muasss! <3

New release: Grizzly Baby Headband

New release at [MAGIC NOOK]! The Snow Baby Headband was so popular, that I figured you might want another colour, and so I made the Grizzly Baby Headband, yay!

[MAGIC NOOK] Grizzly Baby Headband

Since it's time for a new collection at The Dressing Room, for two weeks the headband will be available only at TDR for promotional price 50L$, then it will move to my store with regular price of 95L$ - so get it cheaper while you can!

TAXI to the Dressing Room (click here)

While you're there, take a look at other items by fantastic designers participating in TDR. Everything is priced 40-70L$!

New release: Moon River jewellery

Newness! I released a new item today: jewellery inspired by the 60s and the movie 'Breakfast at Tiffany's'! It's available either in silver or gold. Come to the shop and take a look (click here for TAXI)!

[MAGIC NOOK] Moon River Set (Silver)

[MAGIC NOOK] Moon River Set (Gold)

[MAGIC NOOK] Moon River Earrings - Close Up