Look into my Blender!

I'm redesigning my chocolate box, been sculpting a lot and finally it's ready for texturing! I thought I will give you a little sneak peak into my Blender ^^

Work in progress - Chocolate Box

Better than the current version, isn't it? :) It's always amazing how the quality requirements in SL change over time - a product that once was top notch, nowadays needs changes to get its popularity back... I don't mean just sculpties - look at the way skins have changed, or clothes. Crazy!

Anyway, I hope I finish the chocolates before Valentine's Day! I'm planning to re-write the scripts as well, so now it is a good time to give me suggestions for additional functionality of this item, if you have any!

PS. Show me your Blender (or any other program you use for sculpties)! I would love to see your work in progress - so treat it as a challenge! I'm hoping for some links ;)

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