[MAGIC NOOK] at Designers United 4

I am proud to announce that [MAGIC NOOK] is participating in Designers United 4 event!
Designers United is a 12 day long fashion event featuring exclusively created products from a group of talented designers, based on a theme. Each designer has created items specifically for this project, and they will only be available for sale for a limited period of time. The theme chosen is "Narcissus", and the designers have interpreted this theme to make items based on the colors, textures or feelings evoked by this flower or myth.
The event is open till September 15th, so make sure you visit before that date! All items are exclusives, which means they won't be sold once the event is finished.


Take a look at my items:

[MAGIC NOOK] Narcissus Princess

[MAGIC NOOK] Vanity Mirror

[MAGIC NOOK] Narcissus Ring (Silver) Vendor

[MAGIC NOOK] Narcissus Ring (Gold) Vendor

Click here for a direct TP to [MAGIC NOOK] items at DU4 event!

PS. I know this is a late notice but I'm in bed with cold and fever awww, and was too weak to get up and blog it earlier. On the positive note though, the lag should be smaller by now :)

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