The Seasons Gatcha - Winter!

Do you remember The Seasons Hunt? Last autumn we enjoyed the final edition of the hunt but this winter you will hear again about 'the seasons family' ;) Hallie invited The Seasons Hunt designers to a new event which is even more fun: The Seasons Gatcha!

The Seasons Gatcha - Winter

The Winter Seasons Gatcha runs January 14th-28th. You will find many gatcha machines at event location, all stuffed with awesomely cute items! [MAGIC NOOK] is (of course) participating in the event (how could I not!) and so I prepared hot water bottles gatcha for you. Each bottle is scripted with easy menu, allowing you to select holding animation and toggle hot steam on/off. It's a cute accessory to stay warm this winter!

[MAGIC NOOK] Hot Water Bottle Gatcha

The gatcha is only 35L$ per play and the items are transferable, so you can trade them with friends! Have lots of fun with event gatchas! ^^

Taxi to The Seasons Gatcha event location (the landing point)

Taxi to [MAGIC NOOK] gatcha machine at the event location

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