Archive: June 2013

New release: Vintage DJ Ring

I made a new ring: Vintage DJ ring (it's matching to the earrings I released some time ago). This disco vinyl ring is cute and attention-catching! Vinyl record texture can be changed through easy menu (available textures: yellow, orange, pink-yellow, purple-blue, blue,  green and earth).

[MAGIC NOOK] Vintage DJ Ring

The ring is currently available cheaper at The Dressing Room, until Friday. On Friday I will move it to [MAGIC NOOK] Main Store with regular price.

Taxi to [MAGIC NOOK] Main Store

Taxi to The Dressing Room

Happy shopping! :)

New release: Geek Glasses (and some other releases, and some news too!)

I'm back to blogging after a while of absence in Second Life. My RL is quite hectic at the moment, but hectic in a positive way, and I think I've found some balance. I think I'll have more spare time to blog and to learn new things in SL. This is precisely why my releases recently might seem "simple": I'm focusing on learning mesh, especially mesh rigging, yay! And some better texturing too. I would like to move on to making mesh-only items, but this requires a lot of knowledge I don't really have. I'm trying to acquire this knowledge and I hope it will be worth the slowdown!

In the meantime I released new mesh item: Geek Glasses. They're urban glasses with a vintage feel and they will make you look smart and hip. They're scripted with frames texture change (5 colours) and lenses opacity change (5 opacity levels). Additionaly the pack includes two prop glasses (the props have arms in different positions).

Until friday you can buy them at a discounted price at The Dressing Room!

And here are all the recent releases that I didn't blog when I should have:

All of these items are available at [MAGIC NOOK] Main Store.

Happy shopping! :)