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New release: Geometry Earrings

Take a look at my new release for The Dressing Room. Geometry earrings are modern elegant earrings featuring geometric shapes. They are made of hammered metal - that's something new at MAGIC NOOK!

[MAGIC NOOK] Geometry Earrings (Silver) MESH

[MAGIC NOOK] Geometry Earrings (Gold) MESH

The earrings are currently available at The Dressing Room. In two weeks I will move them to [MAGIC NOOK] Main Store.

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Happy shopping! :)

New release: Circle Of Life Necklace

It's time for a new release for the Dressing Room! This week I made a minimalist necklace again. It's a petite circle on a delicate chain. I've been experimenting a little with textures, and this time I went for more shiny/realistic material - I hope everyone will like the improvement!

[MAGIC NOOK] Circle Of Life Necklace (Silver) MESH

[MAGIC NOOK] Circle Of Life Necklace (Gold) MESH

The necklace is currently available at The Dressing Room. In two weeks I will move it to [MAGIC NOOK] Main Store.

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Happy shopping! :)

Fashion: Oh, the happy summer days!

You probably noticed this in my vendor pictures, but I'll say it anyway: I changed my avatar's skin! I think the new one looks great and is still very "me". I probably should change the blog header soon.

Also, this is the first time I "brushed" hair in the picture. I like the more natural look of the hair, I might do that more often now that I learned how to :)

Oh, the happy summer days!

Outfit details:

  • Bikini: Baiastice (Luli Bikini / Stars)
  • Vest: ISON (Summer long vest / Windblown white)
  • Shoes: (Wayfaring Sandals / Mint)
  • Necklace: MAGIC NOOK (Infinity Necklace / Gold)
  • Armlet: Soedara (Precious Haifa Gold Upperarm Bracelet / part of Precious Haifa Silk)
  • Anklet: Soedara (Precious Haifa Gold Anklet / part of Precious Haifa Silk)
  • Bracelet 1: ASO! (Love Bracelet / Gold/Blue)
  • Bracelet 2: ASO! (Stone Bijou / Coral)
  • Bracelet 3: ASO! (Stone Bijou / Lapis Lazuli)
  • Bracelet 4: ASO! (Stone Bijou / Onyx)
  • Bracelet 5MAGIC NOOK (Twinkle Bracelet / Gold)
  • Ring 1Brixley (Moondust Ring / Gold/Pastel)
  • Ring 2MAGIC NOOK (Simple Ring / Gold)
  • Thigh chain: Noodles (Thigh Chain / Gold)
  • Head accessory 1Zenith (Hippie Headband / Peace)
  • Head accessory 2LODE (Head Accessory - Ceri Blossoms / Pink)
  • GuitarTeaSoup (Acoustic Guitar) / used with holding pose from u.f.o (accoustic collabo)
  • Hairtaketomi (Midori / Browns) / brushed over a bit in graphic editor
  • HandsSlink (AvEnhance Hands Female / Gesture R & Elegant L)
  • FeetSlink (AvEnhance Feet Female / Flat)
  • Nails applierHello Dave (Slink AvEnhance / High Gloss Mixed 2 / nr 3)
  • Tattoo 1ASO! (B-Stamp native / 02)
  • Tattoo 2ASO! (B-Stamp native / 06)
  • EyelinerMONS (Eyeliner cat / Brown)
  • Lashes[glow] studio (Fancy Lashes / Hairy)
  • Lip glossCroire (Bitten lip gloss / Icing)
  • SkinGlam Affair (Zara / America Clean D)
  • Posemarukin (Camera / Here we go) / used with holding pose from attached accessories
  • Location: The Beach

First look at High Fidelity

Some time ago I signed up for alpha testing at High Fidelity, but the invitation didn't come my way. It didn't arrive at Sql's mailbox either. So, one evening (around May), Sql downloaded and compiled on Linux the sources available through HiFi website. We couldn't log in, since we didn't have HiFi accounts, but we did connect to some kind of root server, where other people visited too. I think our activities in HiFi were greatly limited by the fact we weren't technically in-world, but it still was interesting to see... well... something of it.

We both appeared as cute robots in a Minecraft styled sim.

High Fidelity 01)

It was all blocky, except for a small amphitheatre area somewhere in the middle, where all the people seemed to gather.

High Fidelity 02

But we couldn't really chat, since we weren't logged in and we couldn't figure out how to make the microphone work for voice chat, or a webcam for facial expressions, so Sql started exploring scripts and settings, and I... I'm a girl, so I started customising my robot avatar :)

High Fidelity 03

Flying around the blocky sim, I found a building similar to the club from Philip's speech at SVVR9, but it was empty.

High Fidelity 04

We sticked around for a while, we rezzed some pink voxels (the cube thingies you use to build in HiFi), customised our avatars even more, took a selfie/friendsie/lovsie, and logged out.

High Fidelity 05

My curiosity is satisfied for a while ;)

PS. Now that I think of it, it might be the first lovsie picture ever taken in High Fidelity. Perhaps we're the first couple in High Fidelity! Yay, we're making the history ;)

New release: Infinity Necklace, Twinkle Bracelet and You've Got Mail Necklace

It's already one week of a new round at the Dressing Room and this time I made this dainty infinity necklace. It's very unique and great for everyday wear. 

[MAGIC NOOK] Infinity Necklace (Silver) MESH

[MAGIC NOOK] Infinity Necklace (Gold) MESH

I didn't blog my two previous releases due to heavy RL schedule, but here they are: Twinkle Bracelet is just a basic chain bracelet, and You've Got Mail Necklace is something fun and offbeat for geeks all over the world ;) These are now available at MAGIC NOOK Main Store.

[MAGIC NOOK] Twinkle Bracelet MESH (Silver)

[MAGIC NOOK] Twinkle Bracelet MESH (Gold)

[MAGIC NOOK] You've Got Mail Necklace MESH

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Have a great day and happy shopping! :)