First look at High Fidelity

by - Saturday, August 09, 2014

Some time ago I signed up for alpha testing at High Fidelity, but the invitation didn't come my way. It didn't arrive at Sql's mailbox either. So, one evening (around May), Sql downloaded and compiled on Linux the sources available through HiFi website. We couldn't log in, since we didn't have HiFi accounts, but we did connect to some kind of root server, where other people visited too. I think our activities in HiFi were greatly limited by the fact we weren't technically in-world, but it still was interesting to see... well... something of it.

We both appeared as cute robots in a Minecraft styled sim.

High Fidelity 01)

It was all blocky, except for a small amphitheatre area somewhere in the middle, where all the people seemed to gather.

High Fidelity 02

But we couldn't really chat, since we weren't logged in and we couldn't figure out how to make the microphone work for voice chat, or a webcam for facial expressions, so Sql started exploring scripts and settings, and I... I'm a girl, so I started customising my robot avatar :)

High Fidelity 03

Flying around the blocky sim, I found a building similar to the club from Philip's speech at SVVR9, but it was empty.

High Fidelity 04

We sticked around for a while, we rezzed some pink voxels (the cube thingies you use to build in HiFi), customised our avatars even more, took a selfie/friendsie/lovsie, and logged out.

High Fidelity 05

My curiosity is satisfied for a while ;)

PS. Now that I think of it, it might be the first lovsie picture ever taken in High Fidelity. Perhaps we're the first couple in High Fidelity! Yay, we're making the history ;)

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