Newbie Style Challenge

Gogo posted Newbie Style Challenge on her blog the other day. I wasn't able to blog my entry earlier because of problems with my Internet connection, and the challenge actually finished a few days ago, but I decided to give it a try anyway :) The task was to make a fashionable newbie avatar with the cost no bigger than 20L$ (see Gogo's post for full guidelines). I made a girl's look and a boy's look - my main goal was to make outfits with a sense of personality, not just random things threw in together. I am satisfied with the result and I hope you will like it too :)

Newbie Style Challenge 01

Outfit details:

Newbie Style Challenge 02

Girl - avatar cost 17L$:
  • Top: artilleri @ The Gnubie Store (Jennae dress / in Pink) / 1L$ / I turned the dress into a top by resizing the skirt and moving it upward
  • Jeans: (Low.Rise Jeans / in Midnight) / 0L$ / GSH item
  • Shoes: magi take (Leather flip flop / in Beige) / 10L$ / tinted R: 242, G: 109, B: 199
  • Necklace: chuculet (Ina pearl necklace / in Cream) / 5L$
  • Sunglasses: miw @ The Gnubie Store (Soda Painted Sunglasses / in Pink) / 1L$
  • Bag: Tres Blah (Tote Bag) / 0L$ / subscribo gift
  • Nails (with jewellery): U&R Dogs (Nail Aleko) / 0L$ / 15 minute camp
  • Skin: LeLutka (LOLA_lgt-ORTA(L Brows)hairbase) / 0L$ / Orta opening free gift
  • Hair: D!va (Haruka / in Rhodolite) / 0L$ / Group gift limited hair
  • Eyes: Umedama Holic (Tsuya Eye) / 0L$ / GSH item
  • Shape: I made one / 0L$

Newbie Style Challenge 03

Boy - avatar cost 16L$:
  • T-shirt: Arai @ Saikin (Thunder T_Red) / 0L$
  • Jeans: magi take (Skinny Jeans / in Stone) / 10L$
  • Shoes: magi take (Leather flip flop / in Green) / 0L$ / tinted R: 51, G: 51, B: 51 / there are black flip flops available for 10L$, but I wanted to stay within 20L$ challenge limit, and the green flip flops were free
  • Necklace: EarthStones (Beaded Touch Necklace / in Chrysoprase) / 0L$
  • Bracelet: Concrete Flowers (Rainbow Shagbands) / 1L$ / tinted R: 23, G: 23, B: 23
  • Sunglasses: miw @ The Gnubie Store (Soda Painted Sunglasses / in Black) / 1L$
  • Guitar: Kujisawa Guitars (Ryuu 4) / 0L$
  • Suitcases: BSN (Attache cases) / 1L$ / I coloured them a bit
  • Skin: Glamorize (Alexander Skin 07) / 2L$
  • Hair: From library (Male Rocker Hair / in Black) / 0L$ / I made a hairbase out of system hair for this style
  • Eyes: Umedama Holic (Tsuya Eye) / 0L$ / GSH item
  • Shape: Decolletage (William Shape) / 1L$ / I edited it a bit

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