Fresh logo for Snowglobe

Thursday, September 17, 2009 / by

About a month ago Linden Lab launched a contest on 99designs with the intention of finding a fresh new logo for the Snowglobe viewer. I must say I was very curious about the winning design. Reaching to the community for a product logo instead of hiring a professional may bring unexpected results - either in a positive or a negative way. 99designs is a group focused around design, but it's still risky to use online service like this, since a logo is not merely a graphic element but a part of company and product identity. It does give you an idea on how much Linden Lab appreciate the power behind a community nonetheless.

The winner was chosen and I definitely want the new logo on my desktop :) Just look at the old logo and the new one.

Snowglobe logo - old and new

I like how the new one refers to Linden Lab logo, the Snowglobe itself and the primitive cube. I'm not very fond of the bold contour but I still like this design and definitely prefer the new colours. It's fresh, vivid and 'juicy', it's simple, and what's more important - it's memorable and versatile.

You can see the rest of the entries on the contest page. There were some interesting designs worth seeing. Also, take a look at the cute ones with hippos: here, here and here :) Awww... ^^ They're too complex to become logos, but they're so adorable.

So what do you think about the new logo? Which entry would you call your personal favourite?