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I've been a member of the Scripters of Second Life group for quite a long time now and I think it's my favourite SL group so far. Not only are they very helpful but being in the group is sometimes really entertaining too. I couldn't stop myself from posting some of the funny situations, though I'm pretty sure they will be funny to scripters only. So if you're a scripter and want some laugh, read on. If you're not a scripter, you're welcome too, but it might not be funny for you at all. If you're a member of the Scripters of Second Life group, this may bring back memories :)
GG: is there anything i can do if i have something that's now missing from database?
TD: Clear Cache, Relog, and prepare to cry
GG: tissues please? =/
TD: *hands you the box*
JR: w00t got soap working with LSL :)
GW: good to see someone finally cleaned it up
TP: llScheduleBath()?
IC: how can i add passion to my scripts?
HC: llPassion() :p
SM: print it out, take it out to dinner
HD: wow, you guys are good... I see a reply posted at 11:52 to a question asked at 11:53
RP: hi everyone, looking for 30.000,30.000,0.010 hudge prim anyone have that size :P
JR: no but i do have a crude duck for your pond if you want it
IS: How can I sit inside a rotating object without falling out?
SG: glue
MX: i made a following prim and it wont fllow anyone but me
MK: great, you wont ever lose it
TR: Perhaps it just likes you?
SC: hey guys
SC: why is that making the object say its name twice
SC: llSay(0, llGetObjectName() + " tacos are cool");
SC: lol woops
SC: never mind
SC: i see why
HG: lol
JF: Because you told it to?
SC: duh
JF: Nothing says humility like announcing your mistakes to a group of your peers.
VH: baby u so sweet
PM: awww
GG: O.o
DD: aaaw
SO: O_o
AC: awww :)
EE: you can raise my z axis anytime baby
On Talk Like A Pirate Day:
SJ: Is there an llParseString2Pirate function call?
TP: llShiverMeTimbers()
AC: a quick question: you can't detect avatar gender through script, can you?
CM: Nope.
WU: llGetSex(Key)
WU: .. soory it's a joke
YK: I don't believe there is an actual avatar gender, is there?
HS: Some avatars you can't tell by just looking either.
AC: llGetSex sounds like something else hahah
WU: lol
VS: llNoneForYou(noKeyRequired)
AC: lol
SS: lol llgetsex(now)
WU: integer size = llGetSex(key);
VS: llNothingLikeTheRealThing()
YK: integer exaggeration = llGetSex(male);
WU: float dream = llGetSex(Key)
YK contemplates the effect on the grid of llGetSubmissive(gorean);
AC: haha, I so love this group
TT: llUseProtection(TRUE);
SA: Meaning, "We have no clue what our own functions actually do." jk LoL <{;o)~
TP: llWeArentSure()
BM: Anyone have that smiling thing that makes you smile now and then? ^^
LB: fig newtons and a glass of milk?
DD: ;ppl at the new bug
JH: guys. do you know how can i disallow the entrance of people with vehicles to a region? PushObject doesn't seem to work when teh avatar is sitting on it
TA: try a fence. :)
SM: on the local axis, curl you hand around one axis, with the thumb pointing in the direction of the arrow...then any positive rotational value will be going around your fingers to the tips
MZ: S..you make rotations sound so sexy :)
Have a good day everyone :)

Are you stealing those LCDs?' 'Yeah, but I'm doing it while my code compiles.'