Archive: May 2011

New release: Bon Bon Dress

More clothes at [MAGIC NOOK], yay! I've just released cute jersey dresses - super comfy and easy to throw on. They're available in 15 colours, and of course in a discounted fatpack!

[MAGIC NOOK] Bon Bon Dress

[MAGIC NOOK] Bon Bon Dress Outfits

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New release: Neon Candy Ring

I made a retro candy summer ring in seven neon colours, changeable through easy menu!

[MAGIC NOOK] Neon Candy Ring
You can get it for just 50L$ at The Dressing Room - till Thursday. Then it will be available from main store for a regular price, so get it cheaper now ^^

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Happy shopping! :)

New release: Harajuku Stickers

I had this idea in my mind for a while, and here it is! Adorable Harajuku Stickers for stylish and cute pop Japanese look.

[MAGIC NOOK] Harajuku Stickers

They are only 50L$ at The Dressing Room till Thursday. After that they will be available for purchase at [MAGIC NOOK] main store for regular price. Get them cheaper while you can!

[MAGIC NOOK] Harajuku Stickers - Multi [MAGIC NOOK] Harajuku Stickers - Cheek Rainbow Stars

[MAGIC NOOK] Harajuku Stickers - Kawaii [MAGIC NOOK] Harajuku Stickers - Fruity

[MAGIC NOOK] Harajuku Stickers - Eye Stars [MAGIC NOOK] Harajuku Stickers - Cheek Hearts

[MAGIC NOOK] Harajuku Stickers - Swirls

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Happy shopping! :)