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Predictions for year 2011 in SL

I've never done any predictions like this, but this year I decided to give it a try. These are just a few thoughts of possible future of Second Life in the upcoming months.


Here's what I think:

  • Teens on main grid will speed up economic growth
    They're young, talented, creative. It's only natural to expect they will focus on exploring SL's versatility and creative potential, and push the boundaries of what's possible in SL. I expect new milestones, comparable to the ones in the 'old times' that changed SL experience for better, like invention of AOs, skins painted on tattoo layers, and sculpted clothing.
  • Viewer 3 will be introduced
    Either that, or by the end of 2011 there will still be a lot of people using Viewer 1.23 (if it is still supported, that is). Viewer 2 was a mistake, a very easy one to make though - with all the focus on new users and their ease of use, Linden Lab forgot about current users and their needs. I think LL realized this and most likely they are already working on a new viewer, but this time much more carefully - and hopefully there will be a lot of discussion with residents before releasing it. I also think a light viewer might be released for less computer-knowledgeable residents.
  • Browser viewer will be open for everyone
    Open access to browser viewer and possibility of logging in with your own non-guest avatar, plus embedding locations on websites, will increase SL's popularity, the number of new registrations, user hours, user concurrency numbers and probably grid instability as well.
  • SL will become more mainstream
    I think this year we will see a lot of movies inspired by Second Life, about Second Life or based on the idea of a virtual world. That, plus advertising (Facebook, YouTube etc.) will cause more attention from potential SL users, and investors perhaps. And with new residents entering SL community daily, press interest in Second Life will grow as well.
  • A better IP protection system will be introduced.
    Content creators certified by Linden Lab, maybe? Easier reporting hopefully. Less paperwork. More cooperation from LL on this matter (no need to go with DMCA every single time, please!)
  • New CEO will prove to be a good leader for Linden Lab and Second Life
    With the professional background he's got, I think Rod Humble will manage to gain residents' respect through his decisions. He seems to have a lot of passion for what he does and I think this year we might see a lot of decisions made with consideration of customers' point of view. Most likely he will still be compared to Philip, though.
  • Gambling in SL will be back
    Oh no! But yes, I think it is going to happen, considering a few articles that appeared recently over the Internet. I just hope it will be done a different way than in the past, I don't want mainland to become a medley of casinos again. A gambling continent would be OK, I guess.
  • New tools for managing inventory
    I expect new inventory management tools, possibly to come with Viewer 3: for textures browsing, for organizing stuff, for sculpties preview and so on.
In summary I think SL will evolve a lot and change in many aspects we got used to, but it will eventually overcome problems and grow stronger on the virtual worlds market.

Fashion: Feels like coffee

Feels like coffee

Outfit details:
  • Jacket: Poison (ElPoblao Jacket / in Brown)
  • Sweater: [MAGIC NOOK] (Afternoon Sweater / in Beige)
  • Shorts: {Gisaci} (part of Buone Vacanze outfit / in Vecchio Crema)
  • Tights: xbordeaux (Hungry Hearts Stockings) / FREE! (gift in store)
  • Socks: Maitreya Gold (Scrunched Prim Socks / in Brown-Dark / tinted to better match colour tone of the outfit)
  • Scarf: Addict (Minnu Scarf / in Soot / tinted brown)
  • Belt: COCO (WideBelt(Embossing) / in Black / tinted brownish)
  • Bag: Bare Rose (Tina / in Brown)
  • Shoes: Maitreya Gold (Shearling Boots / in Choco)
  • Glasses: Masciano Vaschwitzugenplatz (Mathias' Vintage Brown 'Masciano' Wayfarers) / FREE! (Vaschwitzugenplatz freebie, not available anymore, I think)
  • Coffee: LEO-NT (Coffee To Go) / FREE! (gift in store)
  • Lashes: [glow] Studio (Fancy Eyelashes / Hairy)
  • Hair: !lamb (Wild Nothing / in Kit Kat)
  • Pose: (marukin) (Camera Set - Here we go)
  • Location: Itutu sim

The Seasons Hunt Winter has started!

Yay, winter edition of The Seasons Hunt has just started! There are fantastic gifts from so many talented designers! You can refer to hunt blog for full list of participating stores.

The Seasons Hunt Winter has started!

My gift for the hunt is Sleeping Basket - always ready when you need a quick nap. And dreaming is so sweet when snow is falling outside the window!

[MAGIC NOOK] Sleeping Basket - The Seasons Hunt Gift

[MAGIC NOOK] Sleeping Basket Close Up

The basket comes with sleeping animator, which will make your avatar 'sleep' - together with snoring and zZz... particles if needed. And I also included an AFK sign to be worn when seated at the basket, to make sure no one disturbs your dreams ;)

The basket is hidden in a cute snowman, somewhere inside the store (you don't need to search the garden or the porch, it's definitely inside). And here's a little clue for you: "It's going to be a warm afternoon!" :) Good luck and happy hunting! ^^

Fashion: Vintage at heart

Vintage At Heart

Outfit details:
  • Top: Donna Flora (Lily Top / in Cream)
  • Pants: Mischief (part of The Right Dividends outfit) / not available anymore, I think
  • Shoes: Maitreya Gold (Esprit / in Black)
  • Earrings: Yummy (Summertime Flexable Tassles / in Silver)
  • Necklace: Oh! Studio (My Owl Necklace / in Diamonds)
  • Ring: [MAGIC NOOK] (Narcissus Ring / in Silver) / Designers United 4 item, not available anymore
  • Bracelet: Just You (Bracelet Rosae) / Platinum Hunt item
  • Belt: Armidi Gisaci (Au Di Crocodile Belt / in Black)
  • Lashes: [glow] Studio (Fancy Eyelashes / Hairy)
  • Hair: LoQ Hairs (Pure Beauty / in Mocha, tinted darker)
  • Pose: (marukin) (Dictionary Set - Word Of The Day)
  • Location: Lula sim

The Seasons Hunt - Winter

Prepare for winter edition of The Seasons Hunt! It's coming very very very soon and [MAGIC NOOK] is participating! Expect awesome stores and fantastic prizes! \o/

The Seasons Hunt - Winter

All vendors will hide an object in their store. Inside of this object will be an item that is winter related. Store owners will hide the items however they would like to. The stores are not linked to each other so you will simply follow the list however you would like.

For updates you can check The Seasons Hunt blog.

Be ready for hunting, starting January 15th!

New release: It's 2011 Dress TDR SPECIAL at [MAGIC NOOK]

Welcome 2011 year in style! I made a cute black mini dress, perfect for parties, dates or any time you want to look fashionably sexy! The dress is TDR New Year's Party special and will not be sold at the mainstore afterwards, so get it while you can! :) It's 50L$ only!

[MAGIC NOOK] It's 2011 Dress TDR Special

Here's TAXI to The Dressing Room (click)

Come and take a look!