The Seasons Hunt Winter has started!

Yay, winter edition of The Seasons Hunt has just started! There are fantastic gifts from so many talented designers! You can refer to hunt blog for full list of participating stores.

The Seasons Hunt Winter has started!

My gift for the hunt is Sleeping Basket - always ready when you need a quick nap. And dreaming is so sweet when snow is falling outside the window!

[MAGIC NOOK] Sleeping Basket - The Seasons Hunt Gift

[MAGIC NOOK] Sleeping Basket Close Up

The basket comes with sleeping animator, which will make your avatar 'sleep' - together with snoring and zZz... particles if needed. And I also included an AFK sign to be worn when seated at the basket, to make sure no one disturbs your dreams ;)

The basket is hidden in a cute snowman, somewhere inside the store (you don't need to search the garden or the porch, it's definitely inside). And here's a little clue for you: "It's going to be a warm afternoon!" :) Good luck and happy hunting! ^^

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