New release: love mugs and winter skybox

Valentine's Day is almost here, so I made some love mugs!

[MAGIC NOOK] Love Mugs

[MAGIC NOOK] Love Mugs - Animations

Mmm... delicious hot drinks
with a single easy click in mug menu. You can choose tea, espresso, cappuccino, cocoa or steamed milk. The mugs are 25L$ each, or 95L$ in a fatpack of five, but for two weeks you can get the fatpack cheaper, for 50L$ only, at The Dressing Room, how cool is that? :) With the fatpack you also get a cute one-prim sculpted shabby mug rack for FREE!

There are two types of mugs - with drinks, and just empty one-prim mugs for decorating purposes! You get both types with your purchase.

I also released a winter skybox some time ago, but forgot to write about it on the blog (yay, me! :P). It's still so cold here in Poland, but I feel the spring is coming soon! But until then let's enjoy the snow :)

[MAGIC NOOK] Winter Skybox

Beautiful frost patterns on a window, soft snow falling outside and a warm cozy place to stay - what more would you need in winter? Perhaps just a cup of hot chocolate at hand and a comfortable armchair too. Winter Skybox is inspired by snowy but sunny winter days, that make winter worth having :)

The skybox is sized about 10m x 10m x 5m and it should fit even small plots of land. It is packaged in a rezzer for easy set up. Skybox window is controlled through a scripted menu, which allows you to change inner and outer window opacity. There's also a particle snow emitter included with three options: light snow, heavy snow or no snow at all, and finally there are icicles and sunlight beams, wee!

Happy living! <3

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