New release: Skipping Rope (yes!) with mocap animation

I've been asked many times about the skipping rope I made for The Seasons Hunt in 2011, and the requests kept coming and coming, so I finally decided to make it available again! I reworked the rope a little bit, I switched from sculpts to mesh (nicer shape!) and made many colorful textures. The texture base was improved, so all textures are more realistic (hopefully). And now 15 designs of the skipping rope are available at [MAGIC NOOK] Main Store in a gatcha, yay! The gatcha is located to the left from store entrance. Come visit and collect all designs!

[MAGIC NOOK] Skipping Rope Gatcha MESH

[MAGIC NOOK] Skipping Rope Gatcha MESH - Close Up

Please note the skipping rope is "no transfer" so you won't be able to exchange the designs with friends. This is because I do not want the animation to be resold - and with low price of the skipping rope this would most likely happen. Together with my boyfriend I put a lot of effort to make the animation (it was me jumping btw ;)), so I hope you understand the permissions. Anyway, 50L$ per play, who would complain, right? ;)

Taxi to [MAGIC NOOK] Main Store

Happy jumping! :)

2 Responses

  1. Sash Arabello on September 17, 2013 at 4:54 PM

    If it's no Trans, it's just better to sell them individually and let me chose what I want. Kind of defeats the purpose of a gatcha machine..,like...,let me play a million,and one times to get the one I want, and sit on having 10 of the same in my inventory, and not able to do anything with it at all. Wasted money, soz, which us a shame because it does look adorable, just.. Pointless on people to try in a no trans gatcha

  2. Ayumi Cassini on September 21, 2013 at 4:18 PM

    Hi, Sash, I'm sorry you're disappointed about permissions. As I wrote on Flickr I thought this decision through before and I think most customers would prefer to pay less for a fun item like a skipping rope (and looking at how it sells it turned out to be true). Unfortunately it's not possible to make everyone happy. I think gatcha is all about surprise, and a skipping rope is something you just play for once, and any design is nice. Please note my other gatcha item is transferable, but in this case I settled for no transfer. I already received requests to make the design transferable for reselling, which only makes me think it was a good decision. I hope you can enjoy the thrill of this gatcha and the surprise anyway, even if it's just once.

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