New release: Ahoy, Sailor! Necklace and Bubble Necklace

by - Friday, November 22, 2013

This is a quick post, as I'd like to show you my recent releases before TDR starts today with a new collection. Make sure to check in later, I'll be blogging the newest release as soon as TDR opens. But before that, here are the two releases that are now available at [MAGIC NOOK] Main Store.

Ahoy, Sailor! Necklace is a lovely mesh nautical necklace featuring a large anchor and a delicate chain (perfect to wear at the seaside!). The necklace is provided with three different chain shapes for easy mixing and matching with your other necklaces or just for a little bit of variation in your outfits (by the way, a selection of chains is going to be a standard for [MAGIC NOOK] necklaces from now on).

[MAGIC NOOK] Ahoy, Sailor! Necklace (Silver) MESH

[MAGIC NOOK] Ahoy, Sailor! Necklace (Gold) MESH

Bubble Necklace is a chic everyday necklace featuring a tasteful wire ball (it also comes with a few different chain shapes).

[MAGIC NOOK] Bubble Necklace (Silver) MESH

[MAGIC NOOK] Bubble Necklace (Gold) MESH

Taxi to [MAGIC NOOK] Main Store

Happy shopping! :)

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