An evening at Getsuei Okiya

Where do you go when you want to drink some really good green tea? A Japanese tea house of course! Geishas are masters when it comes to preparing tea, as well as singing and giving performances. Yesterday evening, together with my friend Uzi, we decided to visit Getsuei Okiya to see geishas performing traditional dances and playing instruments. We dressed up in kimonos and geta sandals, and went to Antiquity Township East where the tea house is located.



The atmosphere of the place is indeed very Japanese. Upon arrival we were greeted by blossoming apple trees and the tranquil mood of the area. One of the geishas invited us inside, to the room decorated with tatami mats, paper lanterns and incense sticks. We took a sit at one of the tables and watched geishas prepare for the performance.


(Yes, I took that picture to show the beautiful back of our kimonos :))

I tasted a California roll and then decided to drink tea, while Uzi enjoyed her hosomaki.


As more guests arrived, the show started and we spent the evening listening to music, watching the performance, talking and enjoying ourselves.



There's one thing I missed though - there should have been a third geisha, reading haiku or some Japanese stories. It would complete the evening perfectly. Also, the number of local lights in there could solve the energy crisis, but I guess that's a result of 'old client to Windlight transition'. Nevertheless it was a nice experience. And we took some pictures in the garden after the performance finished.




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  1. Daedalus Young on June 29, 2008 at 5:09 PM

    Looks like fun :)

  2. Ayumi Cassini on June 30, 2008 at 12:31 AM

    Yes, it was very nice. I hope to do the same in RL one day ;) Including wearing a beautiful red kimono!

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