New release: Fishing Hub and accessories

Saturday, June 07, 2008 / by

I released new fun items at Magic Nook!

* Magic Nook * Fishing Hub

Fishing hub is exactly what the name suggests - it allows your visitors to catch fish at your port/docks. The hub dispenses free fishing rods with instructions to anyone who touches the sign. The rods will only work with Magic Nook fishing hubs, so people have to stay on your land to fish, within 20 meters from the hub.

There are 5 types of fish in the hub (blue, green, red, pink and orange), each one in 3 sizes (small, medium and big). All in all people can catch 15 different fish. Each time someone catches a fish, the hub will announce it to others. People can keep all the fish they catch. The fish come with "holding as a trophy" animation, so people can take pictures with their trophies.

The hub keeps stats, which are available for the owner after he/she touches the sign: how many fishing rods were dispensed, how many fish were caught and how many fish of each size were caught.

* Magic Nook * Fishing Hub Accessories

The package consists of various items to create some atmosphere at your docks. They are meant to be used with Magic Nook fishing hubs, but feel free to use them as decorative elements for your place even if you don't own the hub. All items are copiable.

In the package:
  • Two types of fishing stools (with male and female poses), in 7 colours
  • Fishing rods created for display purposes (no scripts inside), in 7 colours
  • Swimming fish - all sizes, in all colours, each one swimming clockwise (R) and anti-clockwise (L) (a total of 30 types of copiable swimming fish)
* Magic Nook * Personal Fishing Rod

This fishing rod will ONLY work with Fishing Hubs brought to you by Magic Nook. It works exactly the same as the free rods from the hub, except that you can customize colours in this one. It is copiable, so you can create various colour sets for different outfits.

You can set colour for almost every prim in the rod in a few clicks (through the blue dialog menu).

Additionaly in this package you recieve a rod with customizable colours but no fishing script inside (NS), to display at your place as a decorative item.

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  1. Ooh, looking nice. Will we see this at SLang Life island too? :P

  2. Actually, I've placed it at SLang Life island a few days ago :D We have water around the island, so why not fishing :) Here's the SLURL:

    Speaking of fish... Have you seen Chester at SLang Life island? :D If not, look around carefully when you're at the hub, hehe. It's worth it, and I think many people didn't find Chester yet.

  3. Cool :) I haven't been much inworld lately (last few weeks not at all), but I should be back soon enough. I'll have a good look around then :)

  4. Wow! You have been super busy!