New release: cookie jars!

Newness at the shop! I made 2-prim cookie jars filled with delicious homemade cookies!

[MAGIC NOOK] Cookie Jars

[MAGIC NOOK] Cookie Jars - Available colors

[MAGIC NOOK] Cookie Jars - Extras

You can use the touch menu to select the cookie you want. There are nine types of cookies to choose from:
  • Chocolate Chip Cookie
  • Oatmeal Raisin Cookie
  • Peanut Butter Cookie
  • Chocolate Walnut Cookie
  • Lemon Cookie
  • Apple Cinnamon Cookie
  • Almond Cookie
  • Sugar Cookie
  • Double Chocolate Cookie
The cookies are scripted with 'eating a cookie' animation (with mouth expression!)

You can wear the jar - it is scripted with 'holding the jar' animation. It's fully functional when attached. The jar attaches to right forearm, but feel free to reattach it somewhere else (make a copy of the jar before doing so, just in case).

There are 7 colours, each cost 125L$, and you can get a fatpack for 495L$ (wee!). With the fatpack you will get a sculpted 1-prim shabby shelf and a bunch of linen doilies (which are available at the shop as single items too).

Come and get a cookie jar for yourself and your friends! ^^

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