New release: Study Hard! FREEBIE

Tuesday, January 26, 2010 / by

Yay, I've finally put the promised FREEBIE at the shop! It's a study desk full of books, stationery, and of course a little snack, yum yum!


With the pack you get a set of cute, colourful pencils, which you can attach to your avatar or use as decor items! The pencils attach to mouth, but feel free to reattach them somewhere else - hands, ears, nose ;)

[MAGIC NOOK] Study Hard! /FREEBIE/ - Colourful pencils

[MAGIC NOOK] Study Hard! /FREEBIE/ - Fun with books and pencils

The desk comes with two 'studying hard' animations - male and female, so there is no excuse for not studying, guys! ;)

[MAGIC NOOK] Study Hard! /FREEBIE/ - Male and female sit

The freebie is a little thank you for my dear customers - it makes me happy that you enjoy my items and come back to buy more - so this time I'm giving you something nice for free :)

You will find the freebie at the back of the curtain in the store.

I've also put there the older freebie - 'Natural' modeling pose - so don't forget to take it once you're there!

[MAGIC NOOK] Natural (Modeling Pose) /FREEBIE/

I hope you all like the gift! :)

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  1. Looks really nice indeed! But is it possible to sleep on a stack of books? Seems hard to read all those books

    Thank´s a lot! =)

  2. Love it - it´s so nice :)My first stop when I log back in :)xx Dudda

  3. Thank you so much for the cute freebie ! :D

    Can I also ask where you got the school uniform the girl is wearing?

  4. Aww, thank you so much!

    Haha, I should have made a 'sleeping on books' animation ;)

    @Miss Susa:
    Yay, I hope you will like it in-world too! ^^

    Thank youuu, I'm happy you like my little gift! :)

    The school uniform is from SkyWalker.

  5. Your mug never leaves my hand (I love it) so now I'm thinking can I drink tea with a pencil in my mouth :D I'll give it go :D

  6. Haha, it might be possible in SL ;) Thank youuu <333 I'm happy you like my items ^^