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New release: Let It Snow Necklace

Have you been to the Dressing Room lately to see my newest release? Let It Snow Necklace is an adorable and delicate snowflake necklace, perfect for winter.

[MAGIC NOOK] Let It Snow Necklace (Silver) MESH

[MAGIC NOOK] Let It Snow Necklace (Gold) MESH

It's last few days to get it cheaper - on Friday I will move it to [MAGIC NOOK] Main Store (at regular price) to make space for new TDR items (new collection on Friday, yay!).

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Happy shopping! :)

Fashion: Your own sweet way

Your own sweet way

Outfit details:
  • Shirt: erratic (Amy Silk Blouse / White)
  • Skirt: Tee*fy (Florence Skirt / Peach)
  • Tights: erratic (Fishnet Wide / Black)
  • Necklace: [MAGIC NOOK] (Twinkle Necklace / Gold)
  • Bracelet[MAGIC NOOK] (Celtic Dream Bracelet / Gold)
  • Ring: [MAGIC NOOK] (Navajo Arrow Double Ring / Gold)
  • Sunglasses[MAGIC NOOK] (Golden Life Sunglasses / Natural)
  • Nails: Pixel Mode (Sculpted Nails V2)
  • Bag: Le Primitif (Leather Swan Tote / Coral)
  • Shoes: Leverocci (Range Boots / Sand)
  • Hot chocolate: {what next} (SM Milky Hot ChocolateFREE! (served by hot chocolate machine)
  • Candy: Crackberry (Cotton Candy / PinkFREE! (served by cotton candy machine)
  • Hair extensions: Pididdle (Feather Extensions / Cotton Candy Set)
  • Hair: !lamb (Zelda / Butterfinger)
  • Eye make-upLeLutka (Gift MakeUps / MakeUp1) / FREE! (old gift)
  • Lips make-upCroire (Bitten Lip Gloss / Icing) / FREE! (old gift)
  • Blush: Hair Oh (Cheek) / FREE! (old gift)
  • Lashes: [glow] studio (Fancy Lashes / Hairy)
  • Pose: the pose was included with the bag, I also used holding pose for left hand
  • Location: Vespertine Cafe

New release: Celtic Dream Bracelet

Here's something new for this week's Dressing Room: Celtic Dream Bracelet. It's basically a celtic knotwork pattern woven into a lovely bracelet. Just please note the bracelet looks best when worn with mesh hands and might not look as pretty as on the vendor with 'normal' avatar hands.

[MAGIC NOOK] Celtic Dream Bracelet (Silver) MESH

[MAGIC NOOK] Celtic Dream Bracelet (Gold) MESH

Get it quickly at The Dressing Room, as for the next two weeks it is available at promotional price. Once it's moved to [MAGIC NOOK] Main Store, it will be available at regular price.

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Happy shopping! :)

New release: Ahoy, Sailor! Necklace and Bubble Necklace

This is a quick post, as I'd like to show you my recent releases before TDR starts today with a new collection. Make sure to check in later, I'll be blogging the newest release as soon as TDR opens. But before that, here are the two releases that are now available at [MAGIC NOOK] Main Store.

Ahoy, Sailor! Necklace is a lovely mesh nautical necklace featuring a large anchor and a delicate chain (perfect to wear at the seaside!). The necklace is provided with three different chain shapes for easy mixing and matching with your other necklaces or just for a little bit of variation in your outfits (by the way, a selection of chains is going to be a standard for [MAGIC NOOK] necklaces from now on).

[MAGIC NOOK] Ahoy, Sailor! Necklace (Silver) MESH

[MAGIC NOOK] Ahoy, Sailor! Necklace (Gold) MESH

Bubble Necklace is a chic everyday necklace featuring a tasteful wire ball (it also comes with a few different chain shapes).

[MAGIC NOOK] Bubble Necklace (Silver) MESH

[MAGIC NOOK] Bubble Necklace (Gold) MESH

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Happy shopping! :)

Fashion: Golden leaves and autumn dreams

I took this picture last autumn and I forgot to blog it. I like it, and it's autumn now, so I decided to blog it today :)

Golden leaves and autumn dreams

Outfit details:
  • Dress & belt & tights: Mijn Botique (Autumnal Dress Blouse) MESH / old TDR item
  • Cardigan: Toki-Doki (Summer Nights Cardigan / Beige)
  • Scarf[MAGIC NOOK] (Highland Scarf / Latte)
  • Brooch: Whippet & Buck (Rae Bird Brooch / Special Red) / old item
  • Necklace[MAGIC NOOK] (Navajo Arrow Necklace / Gold / Brown)
  • Earrings[MAGIC NOOK] (Babydoll Earrings / Gold)
  • Earcuffs[MAGIC NOOK] (Wild Child Earcuffs)
  • Bracelet: UM (Wood Bracelet) / old item, not available anymore
  • Ring R: Creamshop (Wood Coin Ring/ old item, not available anymore
  • Rings L[MAGIC NOOK] (Letter Ring)
  • ShoesChaChaDee! (1950s Heels / Leather Black) / Vintage Fair 2012
  • Bag: Fishy Strawberry (Barcelona Bag/ Black)
  • Sunglasses[MAGIC NOOK] (Golden Life Sunglasses / Natural)
  • Eye make-up: LeLutka (Gift MakeUps / MakeUp1) / FREE! (old gift)
  • Lips make-up: Croire (Bitten Lip Gloss / Icing) / FREE! (old subscribo gift)
  • Blush: Hair Oh (Cheek) / FREE! (old gift)
  • Lashes 1: [glow] studio (Fancy Lashes / Hairy)
  • Lashes 2: Beetlebones (Mesh Lashes v.01 / Dollface Black)
  • Nails: Pixel Mode (Sculpted Nails V2 / Gloss)
  • Hair: Vive Nine (Poland Highlander Bun / Auburn)
  • Skin: Rockberry (Uma / Natural)
  • Pose: (marukin) (Images Set / Warm against the sunglow)
  • Location: I don't remember, unfortunately

New release: Twinkle Necklace and Simple Ring

Here's my new release for The Dressing Room: Twinkle Necklace! It's a basic chain necklace, available in silver and gold. Minimal, simple and stylish. I've been learning mesh quite a lot, and so I was able to create a detailed chain necklace with land impact of only 1, yay! :)

[MAGIC NOOK] Twinkle Necklace MESH (Silver)

[MAGIC NOOK] Twinkle Necklace MESH (Gold)

My previous release for TDR, Simple Ring, is now available at [MAGIC NOOK] Main Store. It's a simple and stylish thumb ring (but you can wear it on any finger you want, as many or as few rings as you like).

[MAGIC NOOK] Simple Ring (Silver)

[MAGIC NOOK] Simple Ring (Gold)

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Happy shopping! :)

New release: Skipping Rope (yes!) with mocap animation

I've been asked many times about the skipping rope I made for The Seasons Hunt in 2011, and the requests kept coming and coming, so I finally decided to make it available again! I reworked the rope a little bit, I switched from sculpts to mesh (nicer shape!) and made many colorful textures. The texture base was improved, so all textures are more realistic (hopefully). And now 15 designs of the skipping rope are available at [MAGIC NOOK] Main Store in a gatcha, yay! The gatcha is located to the left from store entrance. Come visit and collect all designs!

[MAGIC NOOK] Skipping Rope Gatcha MESH

[MAGIC NOOK] Skipping Rope Gatcha MESH - Close Up

Please note the skipping rope is "no transfer" so you won't be able to exchange the designs with friends. This is because I do not want the animation to be resold - and with low price of the skipping rope this would most likely happen. Together with my boyfriend I put a lot of effort to make the animation (it was me jumping btw ;)), so I hope you understand the permissions. Anyway, 50L$ per play, who would complain, right? ;)

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Happy jumping! :)

New release: Drizzle Necklace, Raindrop Earrings and Wild Child Ear Cuffs (Jungle)

Awww, summer kept me occupied, but now that colder days are coming, I'll be spending more time in front of my computer I guess ;) There's been a few releases since my recent blogpost - you'll find all the pictures below.

Drizzle Necklace is inspired by spring drizzles. It is matching to earrings I released some time ago. It features cute wire cloud and sparkling flexi chains dangling down like rain cascades.

[MAGIC NOOK] Drizzle Necklace (Silver)

[MAGIC NOOK] Drizzle Necklace (Gold)

Raindrop Earrings are inspired by summer rain (more rain inspired jewellery ;) yay!). Light, simple and elegant.

[MAGIC NOOK] Raindrop Earrings (Silver)

[MAGIC NOOK] Raindrop Earrings (Gold)

Wild Child Ear Cuffs (Jungle) are a color variation of boho ear cuffs I made some time ago. They feature a cascade of beautiful and colorful wild feathers. You can wear both earcuffs, or just one at a time – alone or with your favourite earrings.

[MAGIC NOOK] Wild Child Ear Cuffs (Jungle)

All these releases are available at [MAGIC NOOK] Main Store.

Pssst... Go visit The Dressing Room - you will find Parisian Romance Clutch Bag (Sugar) MESH at a discounted price for next two weeks!

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Happy shopping! :)

New release: Vintage DJ Ring

I made a new ring: Vintage DJ ring (it's matching to the earrings I released some time ago). This disco vinyl ring is cute and attention-catching! Vinyl record texture can be changed through easy menu (available textures: yellow, orange, pink-yellow, purple-blue, blue,  green and earth).

[MAGIC NOOK] Vintage DJ Ring

The ring is currently available cheaper at The Dressing Room, until Friday. On Friday I will move it to [MAGIC NOOK] Main Store with regular price.

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Happy shopping! :)

New release: Geek Glasses (and some other releases, and some news too!)

I'm back to blogging after a while of absence in Second Life. My RL is quite hectic at the moment, but hectic in a positive way, and I think I've found some balance. I think I'll have more spare time to blog and to learn new things in SL. This is precisely why my releases recently might seem "simple": I'm focusing on learning mesh, especially mesh rigging, yay! And some better texturing too. I would like to move on to making mesh-only items, but this requires a lot of knowledge I don't really have. I'm trying to acquire this knowledge and I hope it will be worth the slowdown!

In the meantime I released new mesh item: Geek Glasses. They're urban glasses with a vintage feel and they will make you look smart and hip. They're scripted with frames texture change (5 colours) and lenses opacity change (5 opacity levels). Additionaly the pack includes two prop glasses (the props have arms in different positions).

Until friday you can buy them at a discounted price at The Dressing Room!

And here are all the recent releases that I didn't blog when I should have:

All of these items are available at [MAGIC NOOK] Main Store.

Happy shopping! :)