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A little bit of history

[MAGIC NOOK] brings magic to SL since 2006! In the beginning it was a very little store with items I made just for fun. A lot of them were scripted and customers would often say scripting is like magic. So it was 'magic' because items were scripted and 'nook' because the store was so little.

[MAGIC NOOK] expanded over time and currently it has following departments:
Clothes | Jewellery | Accessories | Poses and Animations | Home and Garden | Games | Gadgets

Store locations

Update group 

If you'd like to be notified about product updates, new products, price changes, discounts and freebies at [MAGIC NOOK], join [MAGIC NOOK] Update Group by teleporting to [MAGIC NOOK] Main Store and touching one of the terminals.


Most [MAGIC NOOK] products are copy/no modify/no transfer but all parts that require fitting are modifiable or scripted. [MAGIC NOOK] products often consist of multiple items, some of which are modifiable - but if there is at least one no mod item, the 'Permissions' field on vendor will say 'no modify'. For detailed information about permissions, please read items' descriptions provided in vendor notecards.

Review items

[MAGIC NOOK] bloggers list is currently full but you are always welcome to send a notecard with your name, your blog url and a short description of what you like to blog. I sometimes add new bloggers to the list, and I will definitely remember about your note then.

I would love to reply to every review request but there is really a lot of them, so it's impossible. I would like to thank you here for your interest in [MAGIC NOOK] items - it means a lot to me - and I assure you, that if you sent your details in a notecard, I definitely have it, I visited your blog, and I added you to the 'waiting list'.


[MAGIC NOOK] proudly participates in following events:
The Dressing Room FUSION | With Love... Hunt | The FAIR | Vintage Fair 2012 | The Dressing Room | The Seasons Gatcha | The Seasons Hunt | Designers United | Melt

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