Oh summer, nice to see you again

Tuesday, July 05, 2022 / by

It's so warm and sunny outside and I'm enjoying every minute of it. Life has been quite busy lately, so my SL plans keep getting delayed, but hey, small progress is still progress, right? I have lots of energy (yay, sunshine!), so I get through the day without feeling overly tired. I am excited for the things to come and meanwhile I enjoy SL just as a resident (and not a designer!). Today I visited St. Palm Bay, a lovely beach location, perfect for soaking up the sun and watching waves. I definitely recommend checking it out if you're looking for a place to take some summertime photos.

Oh summer, nice to see you again

Picture details:

  • Dress: Tres Blah - Pippa Dress / White
  • Shoes: REIGN. - Marlie Macrame Sandals
  • Rings: LIVIA - Azziza Rings
  • Earrings: Zaara - Malini earrings
  • Necklace: MonCheri - Dangle Layering Necklace
  • Sunglasses: MAGIC NOOK - Golden Life Sunglasses / Classic
  • Hair: Magika - Lyric
  • Nails: e.marie - OVAL Amore
  • Eye makeup: WarPaint - Lavish liner / Applier
  • Lips: Pink Fuel - Dazzle Me HD LIPSTICK / Applier
  • Tattoo: Izzie's - Metallic Arrow Tattoo / Applier
  • Dog: Half-Deer - Summer Paradise / Captain Cuddles
  • Camera: MOVEMENT - My camera w/case / Rose
  • Lemonade: MOVEMENT - Your pink lemonade / A
  • Phone and card: MOVEMENT - On the go / Pack 1
  • Pose: Di's Opera - Aesthetic 2
  • Location: St. Palm Bay

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