My tutorials and guides

  • The ultimate guide to prim twisting
    This tutorial will show you how to create unusual shapes from regular prims. Ever wanted to learn how to make one prim double knot, tiny prims or other interesting shapes? Read on!

  • Client parameters
    This article will teach you how to adjust SL viewer to your needs using client parameters. How to login to SL right after starting the viewer without the need to click the Connect button, how to make the viewer 'forget' your login details, how to start the viewer without Library folder, how to automatically clear cache every time you log in to SL, how to use multiple parameters and more.

  • Your first sculptie
    This tutorial will teach you how to create a sculpted glass without any knowledge of 3D modelling applications. Just the fun and easy way! The software used in this tutorial is Cel Edman's SculptyPaint (free).

  • Copy, modify, transfer... velocity?
    Read this article to learn everything about permissions. How to avoid a quirk in SL that can cause bad permissions mistake to occur without you realizing it? How to use Debug Permissions option? Read on.

  • Textures explained!
    This article will explain to you the needs, the difficulties and the traps of texture making process. How to keep high quality of your textures? Why optimise them? What are reference grids and texture maps? How to enhance your textures? How to save your time when working with textures? Just read the article.

  • It all starts with a cube
    This article will give you a prime list of the most important content creator tips and tricks that you should know about. Why is it better to use a tube than a cylinder? How to avoid texture wrap? What is alpha glitching? How to use planar mapping? How to avoid prim flickering? How lighting and colours work in SL? How to build efficiently? Click and learn.

  • Scripting summer drinks
    Follow this tutorial to learn how to script and animate a summer drink - the easy way! The tutorial is for people who never scripted before, so don't get scared or discouraged. Give it a try.

  • Why retouch?
    This tutorial will teach you how to take crisp and clear SL photographs and how to edit them later to achieve that professional look.