I kissed a Linden

Thursday, February 14, 2008 / by

There's an old Second Life proverb saying: If you can kiss a Linden, you will have good luck all year. Nah, I'm joking, but it's a nice one, don't you think? :) If you choose to believe it though (who said you can't?) rush to the Isle Of View and kiss one (or more Lindens!) and celebrate Valentine's Day 2008. I've been there, I've kissed them and I'm telling you: it's fun :D

Valentine's Day 2008

I got to kiss Jeremy Linden who works on Knowledge Base and I kissed Socrates Linden who is a liaison and a member of the gov team. I even got to meet Cupid Linden - a cute little love Linden :) He was sweet, gave me some Valentine goodies and we took a picture together.

Valentine's Day 2008 - Ayumi and Cupid

Cupid Linden

The Lindens will be back at the island at 5PM, so you still got a chance to kiss one and win some luck :)

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

PS. To those who doesn't know why the island name is Isle Of View. Read it aloud :) Hey, did I hear I love you?

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  1. w00t!

    Completely off-topic, but totally on-topic to an earlier blog post of yours: The Viewer has a new "About Second Life"-easter egg! :D

  2. Ha, that's a cute one (I finally updated) :) I wonder if it's just random "wisdom" or we're actually getting some kind of a simulated ecosystem system for SL ;) Yup, sometimes I'm a dreamer :)

  3. That would be cool, yes, but I think it's about Philip's blogpost and particularly this bit:

    "We will shift from our historical focus on relentless feature innovation to put making and keeping happy customers first on our list of priorities."

  4. You're good at decoding those messages :D