The Corn Field

Wednesday, October 28, 2009 / by

Aaaaah, finally! I've been to THE CORN FIELD! I wanted to do that ever since I learned about its existence. Quick info for those of you who never heard of it:
The Corn Field is a region of mythological status where once naughty avatars were sent to think about what they had done. "The corn field" is a vast star-lit field of corn and was cut off from communication with the rest of the world (a reference to the classic Twilight Zone episode, "It's a Good Life").

Source: Second Life Wiki
Since bad avatars are not sent to The Corn Field anymore and it stayed closed to the public, noone could actually visit it. People only knew about its existence from a single post of an avatar that was once sent there. However, it was opened for October 28-30 this year, yay! It's decorated for Halloween, but I don't mind - my curiosity is sooo satisfied :)

The Corn Field is fun to explore.

The Corn Field 1

The Corn Field 2

But once it gets dark, it can be quite spooky ^^

The Corn Field 3

I won't spoil the fun for you, you have to go and explore yourself, but be aware that almost all the Lindens you'll meet there are zombies. Also, Mia Linden is the most scaaaarrryyyyyy. And if you have a feeling that Lexie Linden is watching and following you, but when you turn around she's not there... SHE IS FOLLOWING YOU! Have fun :)

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  1. very nice place, i need to visit

  2. Definitely! Awesome spot - four sims of nothing but corn and scary Lindens, hehe :D Just make sure you visit quickly, it closes after tomorrow.

  3. oh wanna go!! nice place for pics :P

  4. Yes, it is ^^ Simple, but I like it :) It's also a fun place to just run around in the corn, hehe ^^

  5. The post the guy made about his friend going into corn field sounded like a failure on Linden's part. But that is probably cause they let him stay in the cornfield long enough. I know boredom mixed with addicted to SL can turn nasty. If he wasn't addicted to SL, he simply log off, letting his avatar rot in corn field and do something else in RL like play on Xbox live or something. Plus cornfield doesn't sound bad at all.

    The corn field sounds interesting though! Only problem is, I don't grief others or hack. I know some about computers but scripting or programming is beyond my reach. I also learned about cornfield when I joined SL which was 2007. Tried to find it but it told me that place didn't exist. Didn't even try again until today, not by inworld search but by flickr.

    Also like to point out

    "Well i havent see this "corn field" But i did manage to get banned .. i was involved in a disagrement with a "wispering hush" a rival car builder in sl and it esclated in to a attack each other thing she used an orbet on me so i returned the favor .. and i got booted from sl .. seams that if you are a basic member you dont have any rights on sl, No support No rebuttle No help of any kind. but if your a paying member sl is bias .. i have sent 10 e-mails 7 support tickets and sl hasnt even responded to my questions to the "you can not access second life form this computer" Kinda one sided if you ask me,, i would like to have seen this "corn field" even tho i did nothing but defend myself when attacked .. and i got the boot because whisperng hush knows a linden ,,,, Pfffft i feel this type of bias behaviour by lindens is very sad.. and if i was going to do it over again i would have never invested the hundredes of USD i have put into the game ... so lindens got my money, booted me off the grid and for what ?? No corfield for me .... Just som ones word over mine and because im basic member im automaticly the problem .... Thank you linden labs can i have a kiss wile you bend me over ?"

    Sad but I believe the guy 100% Lindens won't help you unless you pay them