New release: Wild Nights Leggings at [MAGIC NOOK]

Thursday, June 17, 2010 / by

Colourful and comfy leggings for wild nights at favourite clubs, beach bonfires or summer home parties! :)

[MAGIC NOOK] Wild Nights Leggings

Each colour comes with 3 modifiable studded patterns: disco, stripes and wave.

[MAGIC NOOK] Wild Nights Leggings - Included Patterns

Since the patterns are copiable and modifiable, you can do a lot with them: resize, change textures, use glow, tint them... or even make brand new patterns! It might also be fun to attach the patterns to other items you wear, eg. bags or bandanas. The patterns are optional of course, you can wear your leggings plain :)

Come to the shop and take a look (click here for TAXI)!

PS. Yay, summer!

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