New release: Love Bracelet and Letter Ring

Friday, October 12, 2012 / by

I've been away from SL for a while because there's a lot of cool stuff happening in RL :) However I did manage to release new items in the meanwhile.

Love Bracelet is delicate feminine puffed heart bracelet with a little gem attached to add a lovely hint of colour. It's available in silver and gold, and scripted to change gem options: colour, glow intensity and shine intensity through easy menu.

Wear the bracelet alone or layer it with other favourite bracelets. You can also wear more than one Love Bracelet at once and just change gem colour on each to create more funky look.

[MAGIC NOOK] Love Bracelet (Silver)

[MAGIC NOOK] Love Bracelet (Gold)

[MAGIC NOOK] Love Bracelet - Example Gem Settings

The other new item is funky and unique letter ring made of a wooden tile attached to a gold ring base. You can change the letter on the ring or choose one of 18 special characters through easy menu.

Feel free to stack more rings together to display short words like ‘fun’, ‘love’, ‘win’, ‘sexy’, ‘cute’, ‘you’, ‘hey’ etc. It's a great gift for Scrabble fans or a lovely treat for yourself.

[MAGIC NOOK] Letter Ring

You can get all these items at [MAGIC NOOK] Main Store.

By the way, be sure to check The Dressing Room every two weeks. You can get [MAGIC NOOK] items there cheaper than usually. Currently Drizzle Earrings in gold are available for 70L$ only!

Taxi to [MAGIC NOOK] Main Store

Taxi to The Dressing Room

Happy shopping! :)

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