New Release: Tea For Two

RL is pretty busy at the moment, but I've been working secretly on this new idea of mine and today it's time to release it!

Tea For Two Box

Tea For Two is a romantic tea set for friends or couples. The teacups are scripted, allowing you to prepare your tea as you like it. You set everything through blue menu, having options to put (or not) teabag, lemon and sugar into the teacup. Depending on the options, the teacup change. For example if you decide to put lemon in, it appears in the teacup and disappears from the plate. Whenever you feel like having another cup of tea, you can easily reset the teacup.

The set includes:
  • Two scripted teacups
  • One teapot
  • One sugar-bowl
  • One plate dispensing peanut butter cookies (perfect for tea!)
If you'd like to have a tea party with more friends, you can buy the Extension Pack, consisting of 6 additional teacups and a prop plate with teabags and lemon slices.

Tea For Two Extension Pack Box

You don't need the main Tea For Two set to use the Extension Pack. These will be working whether you have the main set or not. Of course having the main set is recommended, as it has nice prop items.

Members of Magic Nook group are getting a special first-week promotion, as always with new release, so if you haven't joined yet, do so, and check past notices to find out what you can get with your purchase.

Tea For Two

Picture you upon my knee
Just tea for two
And two for tea
Just me for you
And you for me... alone.

Have a great tea time everyone!

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