On a golden autumn day

Autumn has officially started. It got cold and rainy (at least in Poland). We're going to adjust our clocks soon and prepare for autumn blues. But autumn can be fun, so I made a list of positive aspects for those of you who already feel sleepy and tired. Here we go:
  • More sleep on the first day (just one hour, but still)
  • Raspberry juice in your tea
  • Evenings spent with calming sound of rain against the window
  • Golden orange colour everywhere (so positive!)
  • Warm blankets and good books on weekends
  • Leaves rustling under your feet
  • Chocolate eaten without any guilt (hey, you need nutritious food)
  • Apple harvest time (and preparing the yummy yummy apple jam for winter)
  • Chestnuts suddenly falling from the sky (it's funny, you have to admit)
  • Drinking delicious self-made liqueur (you waited for that all summer, didn't you?)
  • Hot cocoa with cream
See? It's not so gray now, is it? :) Maybe you got more of these...? Post them in the comments, the more the merrier!

falling leaves
hide the path
so quietly

John Bailey, "Autumn," a haiku year, 2001

Autumn in SL

Autumn in SL

Autumn in SL 3 - Hot Cocoa At Home

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