Water fun - here we come!

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About two weeks ago I officially opened the land I was working on lately and I'd like to invite you to visit the place. The land is the virtual location of a Polish company, PPH Golba. The company produces sailboats, car hard-tops and laminate products. The place is focused on the sailboats part - which means... yes.. water fun!

PPH Golba - Virtual Location

The land is quite small, but there's a lot of fun things to do there. First of all, every Wednesday at 7 PM Polish time (10 AM SL time) I organise boat tours. The boat we sail is not just a sailboat - it was recreated after the RL boat:

PPH Golba - Pegaz 969 Recreated In SL

PPH Golba - Pegaz 969 Recreated In SL

PPH Golba - Pegaz 969 Recreated In SL

PPH Golba - Pegaz 969 Recreated In SL

PPH Golba - Pegaz 969 Recreated In SL

There are also Polish boat tours (we speak Polish during the event) on Thursdays at 7 PM Polish time (10 AM SL time). So feel free to come with your friends or just by yourself. It's not important how many people come - if there's at least one person wanting to go on tour, we sail! :) The tours take place around Arcata and neighbouring sims waters:

PPH Golba - Boat Tours

If you like fishing, you'll love the fishing hub. You get a free fishing rod and you can take home all the fish you catch.

PPH Golba - Fishing Hub

I also installed a swimming hub on the land, so you can finally actually swim in SL (and not fly in water). That's fun - you have to try it.

Water fun

Just come and see everything yourself :) And if you like it, join PPH Golba group for news. There will be mostly Polish notices there, but if I know there's many English speaking members, I'll post double-language.

In the building you'll find some free gifts, so be sure to take a look. Also, I've put a survey about real life companies in SL (it's on the table). If you'd like to help me a little with my master thesis, please fill the survey and send it to me. I will appreciate this a lot. Feel free to send the survey to your friends too - the more, the better :)

Hope to see you there.

Oh the rolling of the sea...

Oh the rolling of the sea is beckoning to me...

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