Finding Magellan Linden

Today I joined a growing list of SL residents looking for Magellan Linden. If you don't know what I'm talking about, start with this blog post: The Search for Magellan Linden Starts Now!, this forum thread: Where In The World Is Magellan Linden? and a movie by Osprey Therian:

So today I went to see Magellan's camp site at the new continent, Gaeta, and to spot Magellan in-world if possible.

Finding Magellan - Camp Site

I've been teleporting to the green dots appearing on the map, but all these were other explorers in search of Magellan. The region itself isn't really helpful. It is often producing green dots where there are no avatars. Sometimes your dot stays in the place you teleported from and in result many explorers keep chasing their own ghost dots.

So many green dots, and none of them was Magellan.
Where could he be?

Finding Magellan - Where could he be?

I noticed his ship wreck under water, and more metal pieces under the beach nearby, but there were no clues.

Finding Magellan - Ship wreck

I wonder if all the explorers are missing something... After all, Magellan asked the brave ones to follow him. There must be a clue somewhere.

Finding Magellan - The dock

As I sat at the dock to think, more explorers came. And so I met HeadBurro Antfarm and Teetah Beck. We quickly became friends, being on the same mission. Discussing together, we found some new information but it was nothing that would move us forward. At some point Dee and Guy Linden appeared. We asked them about Magellan, but they didn't see him around. Or so they say.

Finding Magellan - Brave Explorers

As we've been trying to discover some new trace, more and more explorers were joining us, including Natacha Chernov, who said she saw Magellan just yesterday!

Finding Magellan - Brave Explorers

Our findings:
  • There's a new addition to the camp - a FIC badge. It wasn't there yesterday, and I think it wasn't there in the morning today. It must have fallen out of Magellan's pocket, which means he was there very recently. And probably too busy to notice the lack of the badge.
  • There are two parcels belonging to Magellan. One, with the camp site, and land description: "Let those follow me who can!" and the other one, with the ship wreck under water, and description: "Follow me who dares!". A challenge, definitely a challenge.
  • Just recently a "no-fly" restriction was added to Magellan's parcel. Why?
  • As you look at the mini-map, you can notice a weird square object where the dock is. We flew very high using various devices to see if there's any platform in the sky, but there's nothing there. So we started to look under the dock, but nothing there as well. Does it have anything to do with Osprey's letter to Magellan? There's a part saying: "It's all water under the bridge now. I hope you understand". Is it really a coincidence?
  • We tried to create an online indicator to see when Magellan is online and we noticed the script can't retrieve Magellan's name from his key. This might have something to do with his profile, that is showing up only in newer Second Life All tab search. Just in case, we retrieved Magellan's key from his tent and we can confirm it is the same one as posted in SL forums.
That's all we found, and mostly these are new questions, not the answers - but maybe this will inspire someone else to find the right track?

In the meanwhile, I created an aparatus checking whether Magellan is online (provided that the key we have is really the one). The aparatus should start emiting particles, say that Magellan is online every few seconds and stream a continuous sound alarm as soon as Magellan logs in.

Finding Magellan - Finder Aparatus

I was going to give the aparatus for free, but I realised it could be used as a griefing tool. It i
s designed to be quite noisy, so that I can notice Magellan's presence even when switched to another application. But you'll probably get to see it, as I'll be taking it with me to Gaeta now.

If you notice anything new, I'll be very happy to know. Also, don't forget to contact Salazar Jack who leads the group of explorers - sharing information will help us all find Magellan faster. Good luck on your search!

4 Responses

  1. HBA on April 24, 2008 at 10:31 AM

    D'oh! I missed this great post! Sorry :)

    It's been great fun exploring the campsite, even if Magellan has long since left for Bay City.

    The latest news is that he has left his Linden bear behind, poor thing :(

    Also it looks like some of the land in Gaeta is now up for auction, so expect even less sightings of Magellan now :)

  2. Ayumi Cassini on April 28, 2008 at 1:07 PM

    Heh, civilization is coming to Gaeta. I hope they turn the wild land into something beautiful.

    As to Magellan, seems like there are no clues lately. And Bay City is still closed...

  3. Daedalus Young on May 25, 2008 at 1:09 AM

    A new continent! (and am I correct in understanding Bay City is open to the public now?) I'm out of town for a few weeks (see teh blog if you haven't already) and I miss all the fun?!
    I should be back inworld soonish, have to check out everything new & cool.

  4. Ayumi Cassini on May 29, 2008 at 3:36 PM

    Yup! Bay City is now open for quite a while, and I still haven't got any time to visit. The last two weeks were pretty busy for me in RL, but fun busy, so I don't complain :D

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