Waiting waiting waiting hippos waiting...

Wednesday, April 09, 2008 / by

My friends list recently:

Friends List

Just something to smile at ;)
Did you know there's only one smile that makes us happy?
Dr. Ekman, who developed a widely used system for reading people's emotions from small changes in facial muscles, has identified 18 kinds of smiles, each using slightly different combinations of muscles and signaling different messages. He said that the one smile that activates the brain centers for enjoyment is the same grin that spontaneously crinkles the eyes into crow's feet during a chuckle.
Source: One Smile (Only One) Can Lift A Mood (by Daniel Goleman)
So, if you're smiling now, I hope that's the one!

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  1. Good thing you got it Snapped, both 'waiting' and 'hippos' will be replaced with the ever-so-humorous 'Loading...' in the 1.20 viewer.
    A sad day for the hippos.

  2. Oh noes! Is there anything we can do to stop the change? I like hippos in my friends list... they always make me smile. BTW, is the Ctrl + Alt + Shift + H (hippos!) staying, or going to be removed too?

  3. I didn't read anything about ctrl-alt-shift-h being removed.

  4. Oh, at least some hippos are staying then :)