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New release: Christmas items at [MAGIC NOOK]

I released some Christmas items two days ago, but in all this holiday rush I forgot to send a notice :) But it's still Christmas, so come visit [MAGIC NOOK] and get some Christmas mugs, candy cane mouthies and peppermint candy mouthies!

[MAGIC NOOK] Christmas Mugs (Fatpack)

[MAGIC NOOK] Peppermint Candy Mouthies

[MAGIC NOOK] Candy Cane Mouthies 

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I hope you are enjoying beautiful Christmas time! Best of holiday greetings to all of you!

New release: First Kiss earrings

I released petite charming earrings representing the innocence of a first kiss.

[MAGIC NOOK] First Kiss Earrings (Silver)

[MAGIC NOOK] First Kiss Earrings (Gold) 

If you're on a tight budget you might want to visit The Dressing Room - silver version is available there at a discounted price till next Friday!

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Happy shopping and I hope you'll enjoy the visit! :)

Dollarbie gift for Style Academy @ [MAGIC NOOK]

I've got a new dollarbie gift for you - a wintery black and white version of Bird Of Paradise earrings. I made them as a special gift for Style Academy feed readers and all you [MAGIC NOOK] lovers! I want to say a big thank-you to my lovely friend Tesh who manages Style Academy and who invited me to make this little gift. And who was also very understanding when I was SL-lazy ;)

[MAGIC NOOK] Bird Of Paradise (Pure & Noir) - dollarbie gift - available now!

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I hope you all will enjoy wearing the earrings!

New release: Music Earrings

I released cute wire earrings for music lovers (matching Music Rings released earlier this year) at [MAGIC NOOK]. They're available in two colours: silver and gold.

[MAGIC NOOK] Music Earrings (Gold)

[MAGIC NOOK] Music Earrings (Silver) 

Gold version is available at a discounted price till next Friday at The Dressing Room!

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Happy shopping! :)

Newbie Style Challenge II

Gogo announced Newbie Style Challenge II - another round of her very popular challenge from last year. The rules are the same (see Gogo's post for full guidelines) but this time the spending limit has been raised to 550L$.

I've made a couple - a girl and a boy, just like last year, but this time I decided to create dark-skinned avatars, for ethnic variety and as it turned out for a more difficult challenge, because freebie/inexpensive dark skins are very hard to find.

I wanted to give personality to created avatars with their outfits and accessories, and I really like how they look. I hope you do as well!

Newbie Style Challenge II 01

Outfit details:
Newbie Style Challenge II 02

Girl - avatar cost 528L$:
  • Top: Cool Beans (Lace Moments Top / in Soft Brown) / 42L$ / 50% closing sale
  • Vest: C'est la vie (Nordic vest / in Brown / worn without shoulder prims) / 40L$ / The Black Market item  
  • Jeans: Cool Beans (Bluebird Jeans / in Vintage Wash) / 45L$ / 50% closing sale
  • Shoes: Urban Warehouse (Worker Boots) / 0L$ / Lucky Chair
  • Muffler: Coral Runo (DoCoMo Muffler / colour change menu didn't work for me so I tinted it manually) / 5L$
  • Earrings: Duh! (Orange Agate Stone Dangles) / 0L$
  • Bracelet: miel (Chum bracelet) / 0L$ / subscribo gift
  • Ring: JCNY (Lotus Mood Ring with Hyper-Gems) / 10L$
  • Belt: Gabriel (Loose belt / in Brown) / 0L$ / group gift 
  • Sunglasses: Kumaki Glasses Style (Butterfly glasses / mesh item) / 0L$ / group gift
  • Bag: S@BBiA (GroupGift No.28 / ribbon shoulder bag / tinted darker) / 0L$ / group gift
  • Coffee: Victorias Little Secrets (Regular / I got it from a coffee machine at the store) / 0L$
  • Skin: Lyrical Store (Lynnsha / in Tan Black) / 350L$
  • Hair: [elikatira] (Say / in Black 04) / 0L$
  • Eyes: Cool Beans (Soulful Eyes / in Brown) / 35L$ / 50% closing sale 
  • Lashes: chuculet (Izza eyelashes) / 1L$
  • Shape: I made one / 0L$
  • Pose: Tekila Candy (Poses 001-004 Set / Pose 001)
  • Location: Cranberry Cove at Montral Relliquad

Newbie Style Challenge II 03

Boy - avatar cost 379L$:

New release: Highland Scarf

I've just released Highland Scarf in multitude of colours! This classy silk scarf is a great fashion accessory and will add a touch of elegance to your outfits.

[MAGIC NOOK] Highland Scarf

[MAGIC NOOK] Highland Scarf - Example outfits

[MAGIC NOOK] Highland Scarf - Close up

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Fashion: I want to keep you in my heart

I want to keep you in my heart

Outfit details:
  • Cardigan: Tokidoki (Fall Cardigan / in Dark Gray)
  • Blouse: Whippet & Buck (Claven Lace Blouse / in Antique)
  • Skirt: So Many Styles (Jeans High Waist Skirt / in Grey)
  • Tights: Glanz (PlaneStocking / in White) / FREE! (old gift)
  • Socks: Doppelganger (Basic Socks / in Black)
  • Scarf: [MAGIC NOOK] (Highland Scarf / in Gray) / coming very soon to [MAGIC NOOK]!
  • Brooch: {mon tissu} (French Pouf / in Cream / tinted darker)
  • Necklace: [MAGIC NOOK] (Sweetheart Necklace / in Silver)
  • Ring: [MAGIC NOOK] (Neon Candy Ring)
  • Eye make-up: LeLutka (Gift MakeUps / MakeUp1) / FREE! (old gift)
  • Lips make-up: Croire (Bitten Lip Gloss / in Icing) / FREE! (subscribo gift)
  • Blush: Hair Oh (Cheek) / FREE! (old gift)
  • Lashes: [glow] studio (Fancy Lashes / Hairy)
  • Shoes: [elikatira] (Move Pumps / in Smoke)
  • Bag: LaGyo (Lora Purse / in Jet)
  • Hair: [ 69 ] (SMINB / in Mocha / I edited the hair and moved the pony to the back)
  • Pose: PeppermintBlue (PB2A Stand Pose 4 / plus bag holding pose I found in my inventory) / FREE! (old gift)
  • Location: Cupcake

New release: Popstar Earrings and Sweetheart Necklace

I've just released glam and chic multi-hoop earrings and adorable girly heart necklace, both available in silver and gold.

[MAGIC NOOK] Popstar Earrings (Gold)

[MAGIC NOOK] Popstar Earrings (Silver)  

[MAGIC NOOK] Sweetheart Necklace (Gold)  

[MAGIC NOOK] Sweetheart Necklace (Silver)  

For next two weeks you can get two of them cheaper: gold Popstar Earrings at TDR and silver Sweetheart Necklace at [MAGIC NOOK] Main Store because in current TDR edition it is [MAGIC NOOK]'s turn to be shop of the collection, yay! After two weeks the price of both items will be back to regular, so hurry hurry hurry rush rush rush ;)

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Happy shopping! :)

The Seasons Hunt - Autumn 2011 - has started!

It's time for final edition of The Seasons Hunt! There are many fabulous gifts and the only thing you need to do is to find a hidden pumpkin in participating stores!

The Seasons Hunt Autumn 2011

This time [MAGIC NOOK] is giving out Indian Summer leggings - great for long autumn walks, end-of-season barbecues and mountain bike rides.

[MAGIC NOOK] Indian Summer Leggings

As always the gift is hidden inside the store (you don't need to search the garden or the porch, it's definitely inside). For the list of participating stores go to hunt blog. Good luck and happy hunting! ^^

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New release: Whatever Tee

New in store: Whatever Tee in many colours! It's a bold statement tee for hip and comfortable daytime style.

[MAGIC NOOK] Whatever Tee (Fatpack)

[MAGIC NOOK] Whatever Tee - Example Outfits

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Fashion: Summer tastes like apples

Summer tastes like apples

Outfit details:
  • Shirt: Aoharu (OffShoulderGauzeTunic / in White)
  • Skirt: Beetlebones (Rose prints skirt / in Vintage Blossoms) / Pookie Exclusive Flea Market item
  • Socks: Maitreya (Scrunched PrimSocks / in White)
  • Scarf: [MAGIC NOOK] (White Silky Scarf / part of Vanity Mirror set / resized) / DU4 item
  • Necklace: Shade Throne (THE U.F.O / in Knife)
  • Belt: PixelFashion (Belt Milly / in Silver & Chestnut)
  • Wristlet: G Field (Rose ribbon wristlet / in White) / FREE! (old gift)
  • Fruits: (Slow Kitchen) (Fruits)
  • Lashes: [glow] Studio (Flutter Lashes / Madam Butterfly)
  • Make-up: LeLutka (Gift MakeUps / MakeUp2) / FREE! (old gift)
  • Hair: LeLutka (Editorial 02 / in WalnutWhip)
  • Pose: Long Awkward Pose (Slip-Like Rly / plus my self-made arms poses)
  • Basket: G Field (Lemon basket)
  • Location: Lula

New release: Baroque Earrings

I've just released new glam earrings inspired by baroque artwork. Made of pearl beads and ribbon bows they are bold and delicate at the same time. Available in 9 colours at [MAGIC NOOK] Main Store.

[MAGIC NOOK] Baroque Earrings FATPACK

[MAGIC NOOK] Baroque Earrings (Aubergine) [MAGIC NOOK] Baroque Earrings (Coral)

[MAGIC NOOK] Baroque Earrings (Earth) [MAGIC NOOK] Baroque Earrings (Honey)

[MAGIC NOOK] Baroque Earrings (Olive) [MAGIC NOOK] Baroque Earrings (Pure)

[MAGIC NOOK] Baroque Earrings (Rose) [MAGIC NOOK] Baroque Earrings (Royal Blue)

[MAGIC NOOK] Baroque Earrings (Ruby)

[MAGIC NOOK] Baroque Earrings - Close Up (Royal Blue)

[MAGIC NOOK] Baroque Earrings - On avatar (Rose)

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Come visit [MAGIC NOOK] and have a magical day!

Freebie time: watermelons!

I saw this cute vat with watermelons, tomatoes and beer on Tesh's blog, so I rushed to see the other freebies she mentioned. And oooh, I found lots and lots of watermelons :)

Watermelon gift 01

Watermelon gift 02

Watermelon gift 03

If you like these, join 'add9' group (you can do that through creator's profile: Canue Glazner) and check the notices. There are more watermelons as well as other gifts!

Fashion: The weather is sweet

Fashion - The Weather Is Sweet

Outfit details:
  • Shirt: Aoharu (Front Knot Shirt / in White)
  • Shorts: Berries Inc. (Shorty) / FREE! (old hunt gift - Where It Begins Flea Market Strawberry Hunt)
  • Lingerie: Insolence (Emily Tulle Set / in White)
  • Necklace 1: Miel (Friendo Necklace)
  • Necklace 2: Mandala (Kabuki Necklace 2 / in Gotama Gold)
  • Scarf: Maitreya (Long Scarf / in Champagne / tinted blue)
  • Corsage: LaGyo (Leilani Corsage) / FREE! (summer 2011 store gift)
  • Bracelet 1: Miel (Chum Bracelet) FREE! (subscribo gift)
  • Bracelet 2: Concrete Flowers (Beach Bracelet) / FREE! (The Seasons Hunt Summer 2011 gift)
  • Ring: Creamshop (Wood Coin Ring)
  • Glasses: Gunther's Fierce Vintage Gold 'Baciaga' Frames / FREE! (old Vaschwitzugenplatz freebie)
  • Hat: *G Field* (Straw Floppy Hat / in Flower Ribbon)
  • Hair feather: [croire] (Navajo feather extension / in Bone) / Community Thrift & Trade (July 1-15, 2011) item
  • Beaded belt: EarthStones (Bikini Beads / in Moonlight)
  • Anklet: [MAGIC NOOK] (Shimmy Shimmy Anklet / in Gold/Glow) 
  • Shoes: [NV] (Flip Flop / in Biride)  
  • Bag: So Many Styles (Short Strap Tote / in Navy)
  • Watermelon: WetCat (SummerComes! / I unlinked the watermelon piece from the pose prop) / FREE! (July group gift)
  • Lashes: [glow] Studio (Flutter Lashes / Madam Butterfly)
  • Make-up: LeLutka (Gift MakeUps / MakeUp1) / FREE! (old gift)
  • Hair: [ 69 ] (Bell 01 / in Mocha)
  • Pose: Free*Style (Hats n Hair n Tops / Look Bag Walk) / FREE! (old gift)
  • Location: Las Arenas Rosadas

The Seasons Hunt - Summer 2011 - has started!

It's this time again! Summer edition of The Seasons Hunt is here! There's lots of fantastic gifts and all you have to do is find Steve the shark in participating stores!

The Seasons Hunt Summer 2011

[MAGIC NOOK] gift for the hunt is a skipping rope with realistic sculpts and a smooth mocap animation, yay!

[MAGIC NOOK] Skipping Rope

As always the gift is hidden inside the store (you don't need to search the garden or the porch, it's definitely inside). For the list of participating stores go to hunt blog. Good luck and happy hunting! ^^

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The Seasons Hunt is almost here

The Seasons Hunt - Summer 2011

New release: Vintage DJ Earrings

Late notice, but better late than never ;) I made cute and attention-catching vinyl earrings!

[MAGIC NOOK] Vintage DJ Earrings

[MAGIC NOOK] Vintage DJ Earrings - Close Up  

[MAGIC NOOK] Vintage DJ Earrings - Available textures  

Vinyl record texture can be changed through easy menu. Each earring script works separately, so that you can have a different colour on the left and a different colour on the right earring.

The earrings are available at The Dressing Room till Thursday for a promotional price, then I will move them to my main store.

Taxi to The Dressing Room

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Happy shopping! :)

Freebie time: Artists prim kit

I came across this cute freebie when I was exploring SL8B sims. It's called 'Artists prim kit' and it presents prims we use every day in SL. The side of the box says:

Basic prim kit for artists in Second Life. Just add technique, emotion & originality.

I think it can serve as a really adorable piece of decoration for designers' workshops. Unfortunately I don't have that many spare prims on my parcel (yet I had to pick it up), but maybe you do :) Collect yours while SL8B exhibits are still there!

Artists Prim Kit

TP to freebie location: LEA Exhibit at SL8B

New release: Summer Vine

I made some sculpted vine to save prims on my parcel, and I decided to release it, so you can enjoy it too! It let me reduce 35 prims of vines that I used before to only 4 prims!

Bring summer to your garden with these vivid green vines climbing the fence, the porch or the buildings. Summer vine comes in a variety of 1-prim sculpted shapes in the package to fit your pixel gardening needs and help you save prims.

I rezzed an example inside the store and of course the store porch now uses my vines as well, so you can see it used live :)

[MAGIC NOOK] Summer Vine

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New release: Spring Skybox

Spring edition of my skybox is finally here! Sunny window, pastel curtains and sakura flowers everywhere - it must be springtime!

[MAGIC NOOK] Spring Skybox

I'm releasing the skybox at The Dressing Room, which means you can get it cheaper (only 70L$!) for the next two weeks. Later I will place the skybox at [MAGIC NOOK] main store for regular price.

The skybox is sized about 10m x 10m x 5m and it should fit even small plots of land. It is packaged in a rezzer for easy set up. Skybox window is controlled through a scripted menu, which allows you to change inner and outer window opacity. There's also a particle emitter included with three options: sakura flowers, leaves or no particles at all, and finally there are sunlight beams, yay!

Happy living! <3

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