Newbie Style Challenge II

Monday, November 28, 2011 / by

Gogo announced Newbie Style Challenge II - another round of her very popular challenge from last year. The rules are the same (see Gogo's post for full guidelines) but this time the spending limit has been raised to 550L$.

I've made a couple - a girl and a boy, just like last year, but this time I decided to create dark-skinned avatars, for ethnic variety and as it turned out for a more difficult challenge, because freebie/inexpensive dark skins are very hard to find.

I wanted to give personality to created avatars with their outfits and accessories, and I really like how they look. I hope you do as well!

Newbie Style Challenge II 01

Outfit details:
Newbie Style Challenge II 02

Girl - avatar cost 528L$:
  • Top: Cool Beans (Lace Moments Top / in Soft Brown) / 42L$ / 50% closing sale
  • Vest: C'est la vie (Nordic vest / in Brown / worn without shoulder prims) / 40L$ / The Black Market item  
  • Jeans: Cool Beans (Bluebird Jeans / in Vintage Wash) / 45L$ / 50% closing sale
  • Shoes: Urban Warehouse (Worker Boots) / 0L$ / Lucky Chair
  • Muffler: Coral Runo (DoCoMo Muffler / colour change menu didn't work for me so I tinted it manually) / 5L$
  • Earrings: Duh! (Orange Agate Stone Dangles) / 0L$
  • Bracelet: miel (Chum bracelet) / 0L$ / subscribo gift
  • Ring: JCNY (Lotus Mood Ring with Hyper-Gems) / 10L$
  • Belt: Gabriel (Loose belt / in Brown) / 0L$ / group gift 
  • Sunglasses: Kumaki Glasses Style (Butterfly glasses / mesh item) / 0L$ / group gift
  • Bag: S@BBiA (GroupGift No.28 / ribbon shoulder bag / tinted darker) / 0L$ / group gift
  • Coffee: Victorias Little Secrets (Regular / I got it from a coffee machine at the store) / 0L$
  • Skin: Lyrical Store (Lynnsha / in Tan Black) / 350L$
  • Hair: [elikatira] (Say / in Black 04) / 0L$
  • Eyes: Cool Beans (Soulful Eyes / in Brown) / 35L$ / 50% closing sale 
  • Lashes: chuculet (Izza eyelashes) / 1L$
  • Shape: I made one / 0L$
  • Pose: Tekila Candy (Poses 001-004 Set / Pose 001)
  • Location: Cranberry Cove at Montral Relliquad

Newbie Style Challenge II 03

Boy - avatar cost 379L$:

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