New release: Modeling poses, toothbrush for children and more, yay!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007 / by

I've just released some fresh, youthful modeling poses! I really enjoy making these, so expect more somehow soon. Well, the uni lectures started today and I already know I'll have A LOT of edu work in September but I will find time for SL. I've got great excuse, my thesis, right? ;)

Anyway, back to subject. Here are the pictures of new poses. Feel free to come to the shop and test them!

Teen (Modeling Pose from Magic Nook)

Cowgirl (Modeling Pose from Magic Nook)

Thinker (Modeling Pose from Magic Nook)

Mischief (Modeling Pose from Magic Nook)

I've also released the Magic Toothbrush for children. I had many requests for this, so now it's available. The recommended sizes are 0-10 for shoulder size and 0-12 for height.

I tested the toothbrush with Robin Sojourner's kids shapes and it worked great with most of them. If you'd like to make sure the toothbrush will work with your shape, meet me at the shop and we'll test before you purchase.

Magic Toothbrush (Child)

But that's not all. I've been in revamping mood lately. I improved some of my products and I plan changes for more. If you have older version of any of the improved products, you can exchange it for a new one for free.

I totally revamped Sweetie (the dancing doll) that has been in my shop since the very beginning (almost). I added lots of new features, retextured it and added the holding animation. You could say it's a new doll now ;)

Sweetie (Cute Dancing Doll)

Doll's features:
  • Dancing
    Sweetie can be animated with a simple dance. You can toggle the animation on/off by clicking the doll (anyone can do it).
    NOTE: In laggy places the dance might not look good - the prims might look as if they're detaching. That's SL glitch.
  • Renaming
    You can rename your doll to any name you want. Each time the doll speaks something, the name you chose will be used.
  • Change textures and colours
    You can customize the colour of doll's skirt, shirt, lace elements, shoes, belt, buttons, hair bands, skin and hair (set any colour you want). You can also customize textures of everything above except skin and hair. Customization is carried through text commands.
    NOTE: There's no preset textures - you can use your own textures. Instructions 'how to' are included.
  • Tip jar
    The doll is set to work as a tip jar. If anyone gives her any money, she'll poof some hearts out and say "Thank you for your tip, (avatar's first name).". You will also recieve an IM saying "(avatar's full name) has just gave you a tip of (amount) $L".
  • Speak through your doll
    You can talk to Sweetie on secret channel and she will repeat everything you say. This way you can pretend you talk with your doll or speak through her to your friends.
I've also revamped the Magic 8-Ball, Beloved Mirror and the Two Hearts LED Clock. They went under minor changes but I think they're better now.

Magic 8-Ball

What changed:
  • Removed weird over-glow effect that happened after one of SL updates.
  • Added avatar's first name to Magic 8-Ball answers, so that when two people touch the ball at the same time, they know which answer is for whom.
  • Added instruction spoken out on rez ("Ask a yes-no question and touch the ball").

Beloved Mirror

What changed:
  • The mirror now only say girl's first name with its answers (not the whole name), this way it's more natural
  • Corrected texturing
  • Shortened name of the mirror for less unnecessary text

Two Hearts LED Clock

What changed:
  • The glow changed for a more romantic one
  • Removed white halo effect from particles
  • Corrected texturing
That's all for now, but expect more changes soon and more new releases. I've got many ideas for new fun products! Oh, and by the way, I love feedback, all comments welcome! :)

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