New release: Halloween Party Hat at Magic Nook

Tuesday, October 28, 2008 / by

Since Halloween is coming, today I released Halloween Party Hat. It's funny yet fashionable sculpted witch hat with pumpking poofer.

Magic Nook - Halloween Party Hat

I gave the hat as a gift for my update group (not available for redelivery), so maybe it will tempt you to join (terminal available here) for future gifts ^^. In the meanwhile, you may buy the hat in-world, through Xstreet SL and through OnRez.

Have fun at your Halloween party and don't forget to eat some pumpkin pie :)

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  1. Looks cool :D We don't celebrate Halloween here in The Netherlands though.

  2. We don't celebrate it in Poland either. Well, some people do, but it's not very popular. But I'm joining the SL-wide fun and at the same time trying to get to know Blender better ;)

  3. Ah yes, the joys of Blender :D I'm currently both making a racetrack for a game and playing with cloth and softbody simulations. I tried to make a hanging cloth, like a banner and exported that to a sculpty, works pretty cool. :)

  4. Show me, show me, please ^^ (both the racetrack and the sculptie) - any pics?

    You made my try out the cloth and softbody simulations today :P I've been playing with them for a while and I love them. Oh, the possibilities :)

  5. I've no pics from the track online yet, I'm still finishing it, needs some more detail. Once it's done I'll let you know where it can be found.
    The sculpty I can send you. I made it so it needs to be type 'plane', so it's only a front side, the back is invisible. But it can be used on a wall just fine.

  6. I'd love to see it, so yup, send it to me if it's not a problem ^^ I played with a flattened cylinder since I wanted both sides visible but I'm going to check other sculptie types too.

    Can't wait to see the track :)