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[UPDATE: September 13, 2008] Since Flickr resized my files from 2048px to 1024px making them hard to read, I decided to make a file pack with the articles, which you can download here.

[UPDATE: October 20, 2008] I re-uploded the file pack to a new server, this time it's reliable (thank you, Sql!) :) Sorry to those who couldn't download it earlier and thanks for the heads up everyone! Here's the new link.

As most readers of this blog know, I used to be the editor of Developer's Manual section in SL'ang Life magazine. Since the magazine is closed now, I decided to make all my Developer's Manual articles available here (don't worry, I have the permission to do that ;)). They feature some useful SL knowledge that might come in handy every now and then. Another reason is that my scripting article (the one written for sixth issue of SL'ang Life) got quite popular - it was linked on a few blogs, and I recieved some nice feedback in-world, so I want more of that too ^^. I guess there's always a need for education in SL (how positive!). So without further ado, here are the articles:

SL'ang Life no. 01: It all starts with a cube

It all starts with a cube 01

It all starts with a cube 02

SL'ang Life no. 02: Textures explained!

Textures explained 01

Textures explained 02

SL'ang Life no. 03: Copy, modify, transfer... velocity?

Copy, modify, transfer... velocity 01

Copy, modify, transfer... velocity 02

SL'ang Life no. 04: Your first sculptie

Your first sculptie 01

Your first sculptie 02

SL'ang Life no. 05: Client parameters

Client parameters 01

Client parameters 02

Comments are welcome!

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  1. I'm happy to have these in print :D
    Also the client parameters. I knew of some, like -multiple, but always had the problem I kept looking up my passwords as my alt and myself of course have different ones and I couldn't stick them to their own viewer. These parameters solved that issue :) So thanks again for that, Ayumi!

  2. Hmm, that's pretty weird how I started the second sentence there. I must've had some more text on my mind when I wrote that. Also the third sentence is quite odd :S Anyway, I'm sure you get the point :)

  3. Haha, it's OK - it's pretty late for Europe ^^ Sleepless night?

    Yup, printed versions were much better. I'd love to continue in that form *sigh*. Well, at least I'll share these with the world :)

    I'm glad I could help with the parameters!

    Oh noes, I just noticed Flickr resized the 2048px files to 1024px, making it all hard to read... I'll have to make a file pack and put it on some server for download.

  4. Always sleepless nights. And I've had a pretty rainy day here too, picking up my nephew from school and taking another nephew to music class and then taking them both back home. 'Twas wet and cold. But the kids were remarkably sweet and the shower was nice and hot when I was finally home. And now reading up on conspiracy theories (yes, The Simpsons predicted 9/11!), but I do think it's time to call it a night. Or call it a day.

    It's odd. I've seen much larger images on flickr. Even Torley's are often bigger than 1024. Maybe the largest possible is 1280 or so and it halves everything above that :?
    You can upload also to a site like deviantART. You can put up one image and offer a zipfile for download too. (like I have done with my texture pack: :D )
    Downside with devART is that you can't use the images other than embedded in a flashy applet (examples on my blog)

  5. Staying up late is fun ^^ I wish it was as healthy as fun it is haha.

    As to Flickr, I'm on free account, so that's the reason probably. Well, I made the pack and uploaded it to Megafileupload, so if anyone wants bigger pictures, they can download the pack easily :)

  6. Yeah, staying up late and then sleeping late :)

  7. Ayumi, THANK YOU for these! They're so well-designed and laid-out. A rarity in SL publications, so I'm glad your excellence shines through. The presentation really helps absorption of some of the more technical concepts.

    And yes, that Flickr downsize thing affects free accounts.

  8. Love these.. and thank you Ayumi for sharing them (and you Torley for twittering them)

  9. @Torley
    Thank you so much :) I'm happy you like the articles! I'm planning to post some more in future - I really enjoy writing them! Thanks a lot for twittering them and commenting here ^^

    PS. I have to get myself a premium Flickr account one of these days ;)

    I guess one could say it's all about sharing in SL ;) Thank you for taking time to let me know you like this series. Very motivating :)

  10. Perhaps this will help Polish speaking community:
    Hopefully Polish version of the viewer will be available in version 1.22.

  11. You made someone happy with your articles, see here: [link] and the message directly following it. :)

  12. Yay, thanks for letting me know (and for promoting the article too!) ^^

  13. These are excellent, and the beautiful layout makes them a joy to read. You rawk!

  14. Thank you so much, Blue :) I'm glad I could share some of my SL knowledge with fellow residents.

    Just for the record, the layout was done by our graphic designer back at SL'ang Life magazine. I wrote the articles and provided the snapshots.

    Thank you everyone for all the comments, I appreciate each of them very much.

  15. Thank you SO much for making all this available, Ayumi! As a fledgling builder finally trying to "cook from scratch", I have a hard enough time overcoming my own impatience and lifelong "screw the manual, I'll just figure it out" tendencies. Sometimes that's the best way to learn, but sometimes there are BETTER uses for precious time than reinventing the wheel. This is EXACTLY the resource I've been searching for, and I'm sure I'll "dog-ear" it quickly. THANKS AGAIN - you rock!
    - LissaKitty Twist

  16. I'm glad you enjoyed these articles, LissaKitty! And thank you for kind words ^^

  17. Wonderful information here.. Thanks so much..