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I came across an interesting project called Project Thank You Letter, initiated by MadamG Zagato. Basically the idea is to say 'Thank you' to Linden Lab if Second Life enriched your life in a way (and I'm sure it did, one way or another). A 'thank you' for making some nice things possible, for giving new opportunities or simply for their hard work and dedication. Here's the official info:
Tis the season to give thanks! As we reflect upon all we have to be thankful for this season and throughout the years, for many of us Second Life has been a blessing. Whether SL has enriched your life, boosted your income, or provided other additional opportunities you may not have otherwise had, sometimes a simple "Thank you" is appreciated to those who have made it possible.

Project Thank You Letter is a way you can say "Thanks!" to Linden Lab for their dedication, hard work, and focus.
The project has a website www.projectthankyouletter.com where you can view the signatures. To sign the letter, go to SL Exchange, buy the letter for 0L$, rez it in-world and click it. You can also place it in your venue for others to sign.

Project Thank You Letter

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