New release: cute mugs!

Monday, December 14, 2009 / by

Yay, I made some cute mugs with delicious hot drinks! You can choose tea, espresso, cappuccino, cocoa or steamed milk - with a single easy click in mug menu.


[MAGIC NOOK] Mugs - Animations

[MAGIC NOOK] Mugs - 5 drinks

There are lots of designs to choose from, each costing only 25L$! You can buy separate mugs or a fatpack for 250L$ - and with the fatpack you get a cute one-prim sculpted shabby mug rack for FREE, yay!

There are two types of mugs - with drinks, and just empty one-prim mugs for decorating purposes! You get both types with your purchase, wee! :)

The mugs are scripted with 'holding' and 'drinking' animations. They attach to right hand, but feel free to reattach them somewhere else, eg. forearm (to keep nails or rings on). Make a copy of the mug before doing so, just in case.

If you want to send the mugs as a gift to someone, just IM me! :) I'll try to list them on XStreet soon, so that the gifting is easier, but for now my stuff on XStreet is a total mess and I need to take care of that first ;)

TP to the shop and see the mugs in person!

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  1. Just bought the gingham heart one. I love it!
    Finally I can use my own mug for all the hot drinks! Thanks Ayumi!

  2. Yay, gingham heart is one of my favs from this collection ^^ I'm happy you like it! :) Hugs! <3

  3. Awww, just too sweet! I gotta get those mugs :-) And hopefully it will (finally!) work with any of my AO's as well.. That doesn't happen too often ;-)

  4. I just bought one - It's so cute! The animations is much much better then this from almost every drink in SL. It works with my AO with no problem. :)
    Thank you so much for this mug :)

  5. @Becharm:
    Yay, thank you ^^ The mugs should work with most AOs, so hopefully with yours as well :)

    Awww... Thank youuu <333 I hope the drinks are yummy! ^^ Hugs!