My shabby chic apartment

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I have this thing with interiors in SL, that whenever I start decorating, I end up with shabby chic style. I love it all - white wood, soft floral fabrics, vintage accessories... Plus, I adore all things country when it comes to home decor. No wonder this theme often sneaks in :)

I recently switched to a smaller and more cosy skybox, which I built myself, and which by the way I am going to release in my store very very very soon (update: it's released now!). And you can definitely notice shabby-chic-country-love influence in my decor. But I really like it - it's so mine and so comfy! In fact, I like it so much, that I'm going to submit it to 'Tiny, cozy space' contest organized by SL House & Garden Group.

Enjoy the pictures, and if you happen to like the items I used, you will find credits below.

My shabby chic apartment 01

My shabby chic apartment 02

My shabby chic apartment 03

My shabby chic apartment 04

My shabby chic apartment 05

My shabby chic apartment 06

My shabby chic apartment 07

  • Skybox: [MAGIC NOOK] Summer Skybox - coming very soon to the store! update: it's released now!

  • Door: Curio Obscura - Anywhere Door, retextured with beautiful texture from Shabby Doors set by Distressed. The door is actually a teleport to my working platform :)
  • Rug: [North West] Birds Rug - oh, I love everything Lili creates, and the rug is just fantastic
  • Shelf: Self-made
  • Clothes rack: [MAGIC NOOK] Shabby Mug Rack - hehe, I'm a fan of multi-use ;)
  • Hat: Surf Couture - Straw Cowboy Hat (old hunt gift)
  • Bag: Tres Blah - Striped Tote Bag
  • Umbrella: it's a freebie I picked up somewhere, by yaman Oh
  • Basket with slippers: **DP**yumyum Shoes - sabot/omake - old gift if I remember correctly... they always have awesome gifts!
  • White slippers: 2g - Babouche - love them, and it's a freebie!
  • Heels: Armidi Gisaci - Dalia Pumps

Bedtime area:
  • Bed: Little Boxes - Antique Bed Blondie Choco/Blue - oooh, country style here
  • Chair: CROWNLING *livingWoodChair2_White
  • Luggage: - (Avery Collection)- closed luggage-small (pnk) - not available anymore
  • Plant: -CLEMATIS- ficus umbellata
  • Picture frame: Insight designs - Vintage Skies - beautiful hunt gift!
  • Curtain: NODe+ - Curtain - I tinted it pink

Storage shelves:
  • Bookshelf: {what next} Blogger's Office Bookshelf - I removed the tint to match the rest of the furniture
  • Vase: Gumi's Flower Shop - hozuki (Chinese lantern plant) arragement A
  • Magic 8-Ball: [MAGIC NOOK] Magic 8-Ball - I made it long time ago, and it's still fun to use ^^
  • Book: Once Upon a Time - Rhyme book(wear)
  • Plant: -CLEMATIS-green pot
  • Blue baskets: (LP)- Baskets (not available anymore)
  • Wheat baskets: *Y's HOUSE* [Display] Kago01_OMAKE - freebie, cool as always
  • Bag: Tres Blah - Tote Bag - subscribo gift

Working desk:
  • Desk: {what next} Blogger's Office Desk - I removed the tint to match the rest of the furniture, and I changed the texture to one I made
  • Chair: CROWNLING *livingWoodChair2_White
  • Lights: Strawberry Lights by Sienia Trevellion, they were free at the Strawberry Festival, and I think they're not available anymore
  • Laptop: Self-made
  • Book and papers: (LP) - The Little Prince Book & Loose Papers - not available anymore
  • Box: - Gift Box (Closed) - Tan
  • Incense: *atmosphere works* incense D*-001 (BL)
  • Desk plant: Drowsy plant2 Pink
  • Sweets: Feather - CandyBowl - old but cute hunt gift
  • Paper bag: Feather - Paper bag - free at the store - you'd definitely find a similar one on my RL desk, and it would be full of yummy sweets
  • Mug: [MAGIC NOOK] Mug (Gingham Heart) - I drink tea all the time, preferably hot, even in summer... give me a gift of quality tea in RL and I'm happy :)
  • Writing book: Self-made
  • Pencil: [MAGIC NOOK] Pencil - Pink Dots, part of Study Hard! FREEBIE
  • Envelope: Picnic - envelope - sweet
  • Phone: /artilleri/ 60ies phone (5 prims) *color change* - aww, old phones were so cool
  • Big plant: :YONEYA: Strelitzia (augusta)
  • Milk can: *atmosphere works* tinplate milk bottle x tub
  • Picture frame: .vena cava. - picture frame - inside I put a picture I found on the Internet, with cute owls and text saying 'when we're not watching, owls like to juggle' ^^
  • Curtain: NODe+ - Curtain - I tinted it pink

Bathing area:
  • Divider: ~La'Licious~ Shutter Divider - Ocean
  • Skirt on clothes hanger: oyakin*longskirt*(powder)
  • Rug: [North West] Blue Rug
  • Table: WILDO - low boad 01 size&tex change
  • Basin: +mocha+ - part of Happy Bath Time [Orange] gacha item - I added water and made it pretty with Naima waterCaustics (dense small) from Las Islas
  • Bottles: +mocha+ - Bath & Bodycare [Hair Treatment] Honey - part of Happy Bath Time [Orange] gacha item
  • Cream: 101 - Famous Cream (by Pixel Price)
  • Soap: +mocha+ - Bath & Bodycare [Soap] - part of Happy Bath Time [Orange] gacha item
  • Towels: *~MMG's~* Towel#02-5texchange_1prim
  • Toilet paper: a freebie I picked up somewhere, by Brownie Honi
  • Mirror: work in progress, I'm going to release it soon at [MAGIC NOOK]

Reading corner:
  • Daybed: - (Avery Collection)- Cot (not available anymore)
  • Book: (FT) Book- Alice in Wonderland (not available anymore)
  • Picture frame: Insight designs - Vintage Skies - beautiful hunt gift!
  • Lamp: lamp.creamflower by Jordan Giant, free!
  • Plant: :YONEYA: Strelitzia (reginae var juncea)
  • Poster: Funky Punk Canvas - Flowers 0001
  • Curtain: NODe+ - Curtain - I tinted it blue/green

Relaxing area:
  • Rug: [MAGIC NOOK] White Fake Fur
  • Pouf (left): *Y's HOUSE* Pouf KP/Muji
  • Pouf (right): *Y's HOUSE* Pouf [v2010/shiro]
  • Book: *Y's HOUSE*Cafe GIFT/inemuri01_book(Rez) - old group gift - I love books, how could I resist? ;)
  • Table: MudHoney Table Winter Short
  • Pudding: Feather - Pudding_tray(S) - the best pudding in SL
  • Coca-Cola: Belle Belle - Coca-Cola Bottle Classic (old hunt gift)
  • Books: (LP)- Book Stack (not available anymore)
  • Ceiling lights: [North West] Petites Lampes (only 1L$, so worth it!)

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