Little big dream

Wednesday, August 18, 2010 / by

My SL dream has just come true. The one I thought I would have to wait years to happen. It is coming true as I write this sentence. I'm talking about realtime full body motion capture in Second Life. Just think about it, oh, the new horizons! Communicating with people the natural way, actually dancing in clubs, using body movement to do basically anything in SL.

You know, I was always hoping we - the people of XXI century - would strive towards more movement in front of our computers, since they are taking a huge part in nowadays life. It really makes me happy to know about this initiative. Let me show you the movie (found via Hamlet's site):

Impressive, no? Anton Bogdanovych, your work is absolutely fantastic in so many ways! I hope this project gets more attention, and by the time the software is ready to use, there will be a few companies ready to provide cheaper equipment for consumer market / personal use. This is going to be big!

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