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Designers United III

I was invited to take part in the third edition of Designers United event, yay!
Designers United is a week long fashion event featuring exclusively created products from a group of talented designers, based on a theme. Each designer has created items specifically for this project, and they will only be available for sale for a limited period of time.
This time the theme is 'vaudeville', and the event starts tomorrow (28th of December) at midnight SL time. The event place is 'Le quartier des boutiques' (thank you very much Polina Kaestner).

Designers United III

It's amazing how the designers interpreted this month theme and created so many beautiful and inspiring items! My item for the event is Vaudeville Poker!

[MAGIC NOOK] Vaudeville Poker DU<3

I also made a little cheapie neon, as it might be useful for pictures.

[MAGIC NOOK] Vaudeville Neon DU<3

I hope to see you at the event!

Participant List:
Boing Fromage
Casa CheerNo
chicada by nilGiha
Hair OH
Kyoot Army
LG Femme
Magic Nook
Royal Blue
Singing Moth
Split Pea
Tacky Star
This is a Fawn
Tiny Bird
Tres Blah

Blogger List:
dango Jewell
Nina Fessbeinder
Puma Jie
Vanity Esparza
Lili Brink
Galliano Boucher

Big thanks for Lu Waffle & Nil Giha for their awesome work and support throughout all the preparations! <3

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Dear readers, I wish you a very happy Christmas, lots of warm atmosphere and cheerful moments with your family and friends, awesome gifts from Santa Claus, a fantastic New Year's Eve party and a happy, healthy, prosperous, joyful and successful new year! I hope however you spend your holidays, you have great time! Eat delicious food, laugh a lot and share love and happiness with people around you.

New release: cute mugs!

Yay, I made some cute mugs with delicious hot drinks! You can choose tea, espresso, cappuccino, cocoa or steamed milk - with a single easy click in mug menu.


[MAGIC NOOK] Mugs - Animations

[MAGIC NOOK] Mugs - 5 drinks

There are lots of designs to choose from, each costing only 25L$! You can buy separate mugs or a fatpack for 250L$ - and with the fatpack you get a cute one-prim sculpted shabby mug rack for FREE, yay!

There are two types of mugs - with drinks, and just empty one-prim mugs for decorating purposes! You get both types with your purchase, wee! :)

The mugs are scripted with 'holding' and 'drinking' animations. They attach to right hand, but feel free to reattach them somewhere else, eg. forearm (to keep nails or rings on). Make a copy of the mug before doing so, just in case.

If you want to send the mugs as a gift to someone, just IM me! :) I'll try to list them on XStreet soon, so that the gifting is easier, but for now my stuff on XStreet is a total mess and I need to take care of that first ;)

TP to the shop and see the mugs in person!

Rebranding (kind of)

I've been thinking a lot lately about my business in SL and I decided to move all my products from Imagimations (the animations/poses store) and dell arte (the furniture and decor store) back under the Magic Nook brand. I realised it's hard and time-consuming to keep up with three brands, and it doesn't really work well for me. The shop logo went through some little changes, and I made a new shop building, yay! Come and see!

[MAGIC NOOK] New Building

And even more changes are coming! I am in the process of redesigning all my products for better - writing new scripts, sometimes creating new textures and adding some complementary items into boxes. I'll be switching from no copy/transfer model to copy/no transfer (with gifting available through Xstreet SL) because I noticed a lot of IMs asking for my items with different permissions. I am making all these changes because I want higher quality and a better shopping experience for my customers.

It's a lot of work though, so please excuse the mess while I move things around. It may take a while, as I'm quite busy in RL, and I may also want to release some new products, so everything will be changed gradually.

The redesigned items have new vendors so you will easily recognize them this way. Two items have already been redesigned:

Magic 8-Ball

[MAGIC NOOK] Magic 8-Ball

A fun, shiny, scripted Magic 8-Ball for easier decision-making ;) And a complementary Magic 8-Ball chair! And Magic 8-Ball pose prop! Male and female versions!

Personal Workout Mat

[MAGIC NOOK] Personal Workout Mat

It's a fun menu-driven workout mat for all avvies that want to loose a few pixels ;) You can choose from 9 types of exercises, 11 colour textures and 3 access modes. A scripted bottle of water is included for FREE - male and female version!

If you want something from my store but it's not redesigned yet - don't wait with your purchase. Buy the item and enjoy it, and once the new version is ready, I will gladly exchange it. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

To make up for all this mess I will make a freebie available in the store very soon, for all of you to enjoy. Join my update group (click any terminal at the store), so that you don't miss the gift. It's almost ready and I think you will like it ^^ But first, I want to release two products that has been waiting in my inventory for quite a while. They will be out as soon as I make vendors for them.

Let me know what you think about all these changes!

Second Life promo machinima by ILL Clan!

There was a tweet today @SecondLife about a new promo video made by ILL Clan Animation Studio for Linden Lab - and, oh wow, it rocks! Just see for yourself (double-click the movie to watch a bigger version on YouTube):

Then I noticed there were other videos I haven't seen, also by ILL Clan, so I'm embedding them here, cause it's totally worth to watch them. Awesome!