Oh mesh!

Thursday, May 03, 2012 / by

Awww, mesh is thriving on SL market and everyone is so excited: creating new items, trying new clothes, testing new possibilities. I might be the only person in SL that is (kind of) not very enthusiastic about mesh. It's not that I don't like the benefits mesh creations bring to Second Life - I LOVE the possibilities - but it's more like I'm not ready for mesh yet.

I remember when I first heard of sculpties I disliked them so much! That time, just like today, I didn't feel I was ready. There was so much to discover about regular prims (and I'm still learning) and I had no experience with 3D graphics except a few simple renders I had created long time ago out of curiosity. It was all new and I felt it requires too much professional knowledge which I thought I wouldn't be able to gain through my favourite method of learning: trial and error.

But once sculpties were available gridwide, each time I created a primmy item I thought "Oh, sculpties would make this so much less primmy". I started experimenting with various software and finally settled with Blender 3D, which really is a fantastic and powerful program for making sculpted prims. I learned to make sculpties - through trial and error.

I love sculpties. I made a lot of sculpted items since then, I learned how to make complex sculpties in one prim, I learned to make sculpted plants, I started to make sculpted clothing items and jewellery, I learned how to bake materials and lights on sculpts... And there is still so much to learn about sculpties, so much to discover! But mesh is now available gridwide. I don't feel like I'm ready yet. But when I make items now, I think "Oh, mesh would solve this problem easily". Is it time already?

Oh mesh!

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