Newbie's nightmare ;)

Reading your comments under my rezday post was really fun - it's great to listen to other people talking about their early experiences in Second Life. So I decided to post one of my recollections of Ayumi's newbie days, hoping that you'd do the same :) Here's the task: share your first 'noob-scary' experience in SL ^^ Here goes mine.

During my first week in SL I mostly explored the world. One day (and it was very early, I think it could be my second day in SL or so) I arrived at a beautiful shop. It was furnished in Arabic style. The floors were covered with embroidered carpets and numerous pillows, heavy curtains were hanging on sandy walls and the place was full of decorative vases and other atmospheric accessories. Somewhere in the middle of the shop, there was a big mirror with a sign saying 'Touch me'. Now, what would you do? I already knew that touching objects in SL would start-up interaction. The place was really nice, so without much thinking I touched the mirror. And there I was... not graceful as a belly dancer... but walking around like a baboon :P A baboon! One hand on the hip, one hand scratching my head. At first I laughed and the joke seemed hilarious to me. Then I decided to stop the animation. I touched the mirror - nothing. I touched again, and I kept touching and touching and nothing happened. I was a baboon! When I started panicking, a girl teleported to the shop. Full of hope I asked her what I should do. She suggested trying "Stop all animations" option from the menu. I did... and still - I was a baboon. And that's the time I really started panicking ;) The previous day I spent a lot of time adjusting my avatar's appearance, and I thought I'll need to create a new one, adjust all the sliders again - and I wouldn't even have the name I wanted. Haha, how could I know that relog would help? :P

PS. I did relog - intuition I guess ;)

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  1. Daedalus Young on November 9, 2008 at 3:34 AM

    Aww... To think you make animations now yourself! Maybe that one event caused you to choose this path in life.
    I don't really remember anything like this happening to me. Only one time, some guy got mad at me because he thought I changed the movie in a streaming theatre. But at the time, when a movie wasn't completely in your cache and while playing it reached the end, it would simply stop and start playing from the beginning again (don't know how this works nowadays). So that was what really happened, I wasn't even in 'his' theatre, I was in an adjacent one. Anyway, he got mad and sent some thing following/orbiting me. I did panic, thinking I somehow had to summon a Linden to solve it (having read something about Lindens). But luckily it stopped by itself.
    Oh, and one time my cat jumped on the keyboard and somehow hit a key combination to claim land ownership or something. A message came up saying I wasn't allowed (of course) and the action was logged. So I was worried I'd be banned for it. After all, would you believe a noob claiming his cat did it? Nothing happened though :P

  2. The Burnman on November 9, 2008 at 4:13 AM

    My first day of exploration in Second Life was full of learning new and interesting terms like "griefer" and "push weapon".

    Ironically, now I find the anti-griefing land settings to be more of a problem than the griefing they are supposed to prevent. Ironic, eh? :)

  3. Ayumi Cassini on November 11, 2008 at 2:07 AM

    Haha, seems like that guy was more of a newbie than you ;) By the way, movies work the same now, unless they're streamed.

    PS. Cats - everyone loves them ^^

    @The Burnman
    Hehe, my experience was totally opposite - for a long time I had no idea what 'griefing' was, because I've never encountered anything like that ;)

    As to land settings, I really don't like two things: when the "no-fly" option is on and when I can't create landmarks because 'owner of the land doesn't allow it'.

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