Changes, changes ^^

Saturday, August 09, 2008 / by

Those of you who visit my shop regularly probably noticed that some time ago I opened two new shops next to Magic Nook and I rebuilt the area completely. The shops were quite empty for a while, as I had other things on my mind: we had to close SL'ang Life, I've been building the Polish Republic sim with others, and so the area at Clay was waiting for finishing touches and the announcement on the blog. Today I finally finished everything in there!

I called the area Ayuca Shopping Plaza and now my shops are:
  • Magic Nook - fun scripted gadgets
  • Imagimations - animations and modeling poses
  • dell arte - stylish furniture and decor for home and office
I decided to setup a subscriber system for all shops instead of using the traditional SL group for updates as I used to. With 25 group limit most people can't join my update group and I want to make it available for them. If you want to join Ayuca Update Group, come to Ayuca Shopping Plaza and touch one of the terminals.

I'm also working to put all my items on SL Exchange and OnRez, but it's a slow process. If you've ever done that, you know how boring and time consuming it is.

So, come on over to Ayuca Shopping Plaza, see my new shops and new products and leave a comment if you want :)

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